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Sunday, August 20th 2017 View Blog
Fucking my boss
So I have a confession.
Today I fucked my manager. At work. In his office.
I always new he had a thing for me since I caught him looking at my 36Cbreasts through my white top, I didn't wear a bra that day and my nipples was defiantly visible.

he called me to his office for a meeting about a complaint, as I had already had one warning I was to face a disciplinary. I had to get out of this. I walked in and sat in the chair. he started going on and n and he said I wasn't taking it serious. I said how could I when he it looking so sexy. he looked at me, fixed his tie and walked over and stood infront of me. he put his hand under my chin and guided my mouth to his. we kissed for a moment then he ripped open my blouse. he cupped my boobs with his big hands and began to suck them. he slip his hand up my skirt and into my underwear. he played with my clit and slid a finder inside and began fucking me till I was dripping. just before I came he stopped, took of my skirt and bent me over his desk.

he pushed his big dick into my tight pussy and started fucking my slowly pushing his dick deeper and deeper. I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit. I could feel myself getting wetter and his moans were getting louder. as much as I was worried about somebody waling in, I couldn't help but feeling the rush of doing something I shouldn't be.

He lifted me up onto his desk and spread my pussy. He began sucking my clit. he then slid his tongue down into my pussy and started fucking me with his face till I came.

He then turned me back around and rammed his dick inside of me. he was fucking he hard and fast, pulling on my hair harder and harder. He started to slow down and was slightly shaking then hear a moan so deep it could have only meant he had came.

I fixed my hair and got dressed. I walked out that office like nothing happened. Its safe to say my job is secure for now.

Part 2 probably pending
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Sunday, August 20th 2017 View Blog
I made a difference ......................
honestly, I have done something to make a good change.

My nephew went to his bank to update his account to a fully fledged student account in readiness for his Welsh university life over the foreseeable future.
He was armed with the necessary evidence, his UCAS confirmation of his uni place.

Simple.............one might have thought!

Alas, the UCAS document was in the medium of Welsh - and it was rejected and he failed to get his student account.

I read about this on Facebook and immediately confirmed this happened at my branch.
I called Customer Services who were unable to help. though when I said, 'this will not make the National papers but it will be in ALL the locals' and suddenly there was a flurry of taptaptap typing sounds.

But I was told the complaint would not be withheld . But I had to start somewhere and I got a customer complaint ref number.

Next stop, my branch ....but not until Monday morning.

I took to Twitter and found my bank promoting this 'Celebrating the diversity of our customers and communities – reflecting modern Britain' so I responded -'except for Welsh students who are refused student accounts if their confirmation is in the medium of Welsh'

And it got a bit of attention, a few replies and retweets.

Then, this afternoon, the bank messaged me to apologise for their error and to say they were taking steps to make sure this never happened again. and UCAS confirmation in Welsh would be accepted.

Then I got it all again but in Welsh!

I could only say thank you and express my appreciation though I added Customer Services should be brought up to date too and quoted my ref number with them.

I suspect I will be getting a letter or phone call but as from now, their English only rule for confirming student status is forever changed.

Didn t I do good!
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Sunday, August 20th 2017 View Blog
a guide to me smoking!
so my daddy loves the idea of me smoking with him my blog ysday about me smoking has got his attention and he wants more and wants the real thing!

he told me to go buy a pack of fags so i did and he wants a cam show later with me smoking in it ill smoke whilst rubbing my big tits or drinking fat coke or playing with my fat pussy or i could look into the cam and seductively smoke for him and blow the smoke into the cam.

whatever he desires i can usually do hehehe im a bad smoking fat chav slag who wil lget all dolled up and smoke like a proper chav slag leaving stained lipstick on the fag ends.

each fag is worth a reward so i will please daddy as much as he wants i have 20 fags see how many he wants me to smoke ;)

when we meet next im sure to take some fags with me too whilst hes touching my fat bald pussyi want to smoke for him whilst moaning with pleasure then i want to smoke whilst hes fucking my fat pussy he loves it when i act proper chavvy and trashy so thats what ill do for him
riolee (434) Escorts - Click to book
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Sunday, August 20th 2017 View Blog
This is it
So found out its perfectly legal 4 an escort to recieve cash gifts even whilst in a govenment home as long as its in writing stating gift on sn email as they'd rather know girls are safe than ending up in the illegal sector working 24/7

I also found out I can shoot & as long as I tell them they'll modify the cost of allowance 4 that week

So cash gifts in writing on email stating gift & full allowance

Shoots they discount

Best news ever!

Can finally not live in a suitcase & relax 4 once

Doing outcalls to homes & hotels with addision lee as much better than pervert local stinking cabs that arent proffessional.

Finaly relaxing apart from recieving daily abusive enails from an ex! Oh well junk
bishaun24 (1) Escorts - Click to book
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Sunday, August 20th 2017 View Blog
Cum shot

Had a visit from a guy from a close friend, really nice time, chatted and seemed to talk about how both of our lives have been. He paid for an hour, was a great session, hung and made me bite down hard. Thing that made it great was i have never received such a huge cum shot. After fucking my ass i turned over, he just dumped his load all over my cock and stomach, and still had some for my face. Was such a hot way to end great sex. With my load as well i was totally covered
demi-jayde (0) Escorts - Click to book
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Sunday, August 20th 2017 View Blog
new stockings and dress
Got myself some new stockings and a super tight LBD for work. Love it and it shapes my body just nicely. Makes my booty proper bootylicious hehe and my hips stand out deliciously and my tits keep popping out, oops. If you peeps want to see it, all you have to do is ask hehe.

Having a glass or two of wine before I get ready for work. Hope you lovely people are having a fantastic Sunday. I hope to see you all very soon. I'm going to carry on listening g to my tunes and singing into my hairbrush and hopefully Simon Cowell willhear and sign me up straight away haha xxx
asiangentleman (208)
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Sunday, August 20th 2017 View Blog
We need to learn to organise our time.
We need to learn to organize our time. It is incorrect to say that by becoming a meticulous time manager and living by a carefully defined schedule you become rigid and nonspontaneous. Rather, proper organization allows one to accomplish those goals which are truly important as well as enjoy leisure time. Good time management offers more time for fun and relaxation - not less. These important periods are scheduled into the week just like other commitments which may appear more pressing. Neither are sacrificed. Also, discipline yourself and stop wasting time on all those immediate and pressing but unimportant tasks (i.e., the ringing phones) and concentrate on the activities that are truly meaningful to your life's mission. Such activities include time for self-renewal and reflection, time forging relationships built on trust and mutual respect, time for physical fitness, time to read and think deeply and time serving others in your community
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Sunday, August 20th 2017 View Blog
New Cam... #HDhoney
I've only gone and upgraded my web-cam haven't I?!

From August 2017 I now bring you #HDhoney!!! (This has excited me more than I like to admit, don't want to ruin my street cred.... ;)

I'm not sure how I feel about seeing every part of myself in such clear quality... but the bookings I've had today implies you guys love it - SO HD IS HERE TO STAY!! Whoop whoop.

I'd like to thank one memeber in particular for this upgrade ~ purpledude. Your feedback in free preview was not only honest but kind - you're right, I do look better in HD <3

I'm very excited as to what I can do with this camera as my previous was built in- this one, well this one I can move freely ~ imagine the close ups I can offer in pvt chat and skype sessions?!

Well the possibilities are endless....

If you've tuned in before, tune in again ~ see the difference for yourself.

HC xXx
insatiable-blonde (203) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Sunday, August 20th 2017 View Blog
my tight pussy got soaking wet today
and i loved it
what an earth shattering time
ive had today

he nibbled,licked sucked every part of me
he only wanted half an hour but stayed for two hours

feeling horny my pink throbbing clit was
ready to be sucked
how could he resist lol

i placed my firm 38dd's around his very thick erect dick
till he covered them and my face
yum yum

then we rested for a few mins
then i decided my pink tight pussy
needed cooling down
so i went and got an ice lolly
to which he placed inside me
and the cold sensation just hit the spot
and more

he got his own pussy ice pop!!
not sure who enjoyed it more?

im now off to put my pussy ice pops
in the freezer as ive a feeling
he will back for more
ShySweetheart91 (5) Escorts - Click to book Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Sunday, August 20th 2017 View Blog
Women & Porn
Happy Sunday everyone!

Today my mind is on porn and how porn is perceived- particularly by women.

I know that there are very mixed feelings on this. You have girls who are offended by porn magazines and how women are portrayed in porn -these are girls that just have no idea about the world in which we live!

Porn magazines/ glamour models and women in porn - it doesn't impact our equal rights! Women enjoy sex just as much as men, some women have higher sex drives and more depraved thoughts than some men haha! I can see from a porn point of view that it is mostly women being dominated by men, so I can understand why Vanilla girls would feel less than self-powered by this.

Of course when you are part of the kinky world you know that actually the majority of men love to be dominated by women, that women have a lot of the power even when we choose to be submissive. this I do not think is portrayed through porn though, its mostly the very masculine man drilling into a poor innocent girl or the very talented experienced women who enjoy being used in such ways. Either way I think you can tell the ones that enjoy it and the ones that do it just for the money! But if these Vanilla women knew more about the kinky side of the world I think that they might see things differently, of course they might be scared for life at the same time lol!

I think the fact that us women can make a man hard, can govern his every thought just from a picture, can impact his actions from a fantasy they have about you VERY empowering! You will know from my previous writing that I am not the most self-confident and I do not rate myself highly though I am working on this and my escorting has had a MASSIVE impact on this! Now I find myself smiling as I walk through town, running errands, as I can see the eyes over my legs in my tights with my boot heels, can see men checking me out as Im driving and singing along in my car, I can feel other womens jealousy sometimes by the attention that I attract when I am doing normal day to day chores sometimes.

There are lots of different types of women, and men enjoy different types of looks. I know that there are women who are much more beautiful with me, toned and tiny bodies who are made for suspenders and naughty underwear for example. Pixie type faces with plump lips, some men enjoy skinny with no boobs. women with long legs - that is sexy!!

I however am very short at 5 ft 2 lol and I have my chubby thighs. my bone structure will not allow me to be a skinny minnie no matter how hard I worked, I enjoy my curves! I feel very womanly- like this is how I was meant to be- not perfect, just a woman. Like the women back in the 50's - typical sizes was a 16!! of course my face makes a massive difference- the younger innocent looking face combined with my curves and black lingerie in theory I can understand why it would drive some men crazy. That good girl being naughty just for you - that's a thought that appeals to many, it certainly appeals to me

The porn that I enjoy to watch, the parts that get me off are never the sex parts, its the seduction! And although i have only been with one woman, I find that I enjoy woman on woman porn more - perhaps because I find it much more natural than men in porn. Men & women in porn is very often animistic/ primal and less about being sensual and seduction.
I love watching older women seduce the younger innocent girls into being naughty - guess that should always have been my clue. haha!

From talking to different women I know that more women than you would think enjoy watching porn, we do not all find it offensive or demeaning. What do you men think? does the thought of a woman watching porn turn you on? the thought of a woman having as much of a need for sex and getting off as you attractive. Or do you think that women are becoming too forward? would you like to see us become more dainty and impressionable as we used to be?

interested to know what men think about women watching porn- also what about it you enjoy the most? I really do love to hear people opinions and gain insights to the mans mind- as well as other women :)

I have learnt so much about myself over the past month and so, I cannot wait to see what else I learn about myself and what I enjoy going forwards, And I promise to continue sharing that with anyone who wants to read about it :) x

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