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Sunday, October 22nd 2017 View Blog
Erotica I wrote about my first lesbian experience.
I was in 6 from college quite naive to the ways of sex and had not had a boyfriend because of my shy character ( at the time;). At the time I was a size 14 so curvy but not overly my breasts were size 32 C, I had long straight brown hair, blue eyes and rosy full lips.
this morning I was in the changing rooms for PE and was wearing a shirt blue skirt a few inches above my knee and a white polo t shirt on and a black bra. I'm not sure who thought it was an appropriate PE kit as it would often blow up in the wind revealing knickers to the boys.
Everyone else had left the changing room and only me and a girl called Alison where left. We had both helped tidy the equipment away and everyone had changed and left.
I tried not to look as Alison started to get unchanged. She had light brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes and glasses.
First she took her t shirt off and i noticed her small perky breasts in a lacy white bra she must have been a B cup. I felt confused because I wanted to look but didn't understand what bisexual was. She undid her bra and I noticed she had small pink nipples and firm breasts then she pulled her skirt off. All she wore now wearing white knickers.
I couldn't help staring at her perfect size 10 curvy pert body. I think Alison noticed as she beckoned me over at this point I had my bra and knickers on too.
"Amber come here I need help undoing my hair " said Alison from across the changing room. I went over and helped undo the bra. Before I had a chance to move she quickly turned around and kissed me harshly on the lips.
"but Alison what if someone comes" I said as she stopped. But she didn't seem to care and pushed me against the wall. I moaned and felt my vagina twitching and soaking wet through my knickers.
I grabbed her breast and felt their soft pertness. She moaned some more and I took her nipples and sucked hard,
"Amber fuck me"
I didn't need to be asked twice I roughly pulled her knickers down and parted her legs slightly. I put one finger inside and started rubbing ",more", she cried. I could tell she had done this before as I ended up fucking her roughly with three fingers until she cried out in orgasm dripping wet.
I had started as an innocent girl ans now felt like I was becoming a woman. We kissed passionately my vagina throbbing. Alison worked her hand onto my breast gently caressing them. Before she could go further i heard the door and out PE teach Miss Probert was in the room.
"girls, what are you doing" She said sounding shocked. "Nothing miss i muttered". Me and Alison had gone bright red. Both shocked to be caught. Me in just my white panties and dripping wet vagina aching to be touched. Alison naked her knickers around her ankles cheeks flushed from a good finger fucking and dripping in come.
"This behavior is not accepted at this 6 form college are you both whores?" Said miss probert. I was worried as I knew Miss probert was strict and would take even the older girls like us into her office for a punishment.
To be continued...
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Sunday, October 22nd 2017 View Blog
JON SNOW and BRIEANNE are on my flight !!!
Hi Aw world hope your well .
Just thought I would post this as on a flight to Belfast and Jon snow and Brianna are on same flight .im like a giggly schoolgirl lol .they are at front of plane im in middle but I am a great game of thrones fan so bursting to say something too them but reckon by there heads down policy they looking for a quiet flight.must admit a buzz on flight from most people .
Oh he isn't the tallest on the other hand she is very tall .( wonder should I tell him he is sleeping with his aunt) maybe not may spoil his flight.
Anyway just though I would share .
Winter is coming and so will I if my trip plans till Xmas come to plan .
Anyway we are ready to go .
Jon snow im on my way to you

Paul xx
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Sunday, October 22nd 2017 View Blog
I'm going to arrest you!
Imagine being caught for speeding and the female officer who gets out of the patrol car looks like me! How would you react when I said "I'm going to arrest you", would you cum willingly with me or would you complain about your innocence? Some of my favourite roleplays are based around domination and submission, some playful and soft and some much harder depending on your level of naughtiness and your fantasy. I love this uniform because I do have big natural tits and its a lovely feeling to let them hang out loose, dangling down, swaying from side to side as I walk. Would you feel inadequate when you saw my crimson coated lips, full and pouting as I stared you out full on in the face. Dare you look at me or should you keep your head to the floor? Fantasies are a marvellous thing and something that we all can enjoy from time to time. Whats your fantasy sir?
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Sunday, October 22nd 2017 View Blog
What she doesnt know wont hurt her, right?
I haven't posted in a while, apologies guys I have just been so busy. But, on saying that I have to tell you about my recent sexual experience!

If you are one of my regulars, you will know that a few of my friends also cam. Well, one of them (who I obviously cant share her name) held an Ann Summers night.

We all arrived at hers, and there were a few other gurls there too. Anyway, her husband was upstairs in the spare room entertaining himself with beers and the play station.

I went up to get changed into one of the naughty outfits, but I got stuck in it. Mortified with this, and not wanting to make an arse of myself infront of everyone, I went into the spare room and asked her husband to help me.

Turning around to show him the zip, he was tugging it at, I could feel his hands touching my body and until that point I hadn't realised how fit he actually was.

I made small talk, as it was slightly awkward - me standing in a costume too tight with my tits nearly hanging out and zip caught. I asked him how work was going, and he asked how cam was going.

He then asked the last time I came - I was shocked, I didn't know if he was being serious or taking the piss. I blushed and thanked god that I still had my back to him, erm 'It wasn't that long ago'' - wtf why did I even answer?

He fixed the zip, put his hand around me cupping my boobs and tweeking my nipples making them hard - ''fancy cuming for me now?'' he whisered - OHMYGOD! I was so turned on, part of me was dying to fuck him and part of me thought no way, afterall this is my mates husband. What was I doing??

I turned round and told him no, that I couldn't do it... and headed towards the door.

He stopped me. Put one hand on the door and the other between my legs, kissed me and started to massage my clit.

At that point I knew I had to fuck him. I felt his hard thick cock throbbing - I pushed him off of me and lead him to the bed.

Outfit on the floor, I was riding his cock - fuck it felt so good. Being on top of him, with his thick cock deep inside me I let out a moan - I prayed we wuldnt get caught
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Sunday, October 22nd 2017 View Blog
That's My Boy!
He's the best thing since sliced bread.!

Actually the best thing to come onto the music scene in the last ten years.

In my view at any rate.

And after seeing him on the Jonathan Ross show last night, he really affirmed that for me.

Imaginative, down to earth and truly gorgeous. What a star!

At the top of his game and the best in the world. I love Ed Sheeran for what he is.

A no nonsense, real talent. Long may he reign. He's my kind of guy. He sets my pulse racing.

Sexy, talented and without a doubt, completely dangerous. If I could have one person over for dinner tonight, it would be him.
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Sunday, October 22nd 2017 View Blog
Turning 40 and Canada
Hi all. Been a while but I’ve been busy turning 40 and treating myself to a 3 week holiday to Canada including Alaskan Cruise. I went with me, myself and I – more fun that way and I got to do exactly what I wanted when I wanted. Got asked quite a few times before I went if I’d be working out there but as it’s illegal to exchange sex for money and also I was on a visitors only visa it wouldn’t have been worth the risk. Didn’t really want to get deported! Had a hairy moment at USA customs when the bloke randomly asked what I did for a living – fortunately I remembered I’d put ‘home carer’ on my visa application!
The holiday was wonderful, I went to Vancouver – up the sunshine coast to stay with friends, then up to Jasper in the Rocky mountains. Did plenty of hiking. Back to the city for a few days sightseeing before my cruise. I did more hiking on the trips and some sea kayaking. Amazing photos and wonderful memories and I managed not to put on too much weight! It took me a while to get back into my stride on return, the jet lag hit me much worse than I’d thought it would and everyone keeps saying that it’s my age! Well I feel fun, fit and fab at 40 so I’m all good. There’s the catch up, hope to see some of you soon xxx
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Sunday, October 22nd 2017 View Blog
Enjoying bricklaying
Hi guys , well it's half term this week which means no college and I have a fantastic opportunity to get back online as I've neglected my solo somewhat ( too busy being rampant on my couple profile ) and feel guilty so I'm going to try and get an early morning routine and the odd one late night shift as you guys deserve that ! As for content the weather in Cumbria has been very wet and severe gales so it hasn't been the ideal weather for outdoor stuff but you know me I will try , . Bricklaying is hardwork but our tutor is personable and has the patience to show you the ropes of the trade so I've been learning a new skill there , achy knees n hands are worth it and boy it's different to Drystone walling. I'm mainly doing the course as the farm has a few buildings needing repaired and if I get my CSCS card in December the work and perseverance will pay off and it could lead to labouring work as lambing is only seasonal , if we get sheep here as well as simmentals then yes more work for me but Im still working my magic there .....

Any way here's to getting a routine going and lots of horny fun and much needed fun with you lovely guys !!!! Kisses guys xxxx
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Sunday, October 22nd 2017 View Blog
Earlier today, Saudi representative to the Human Rights Council, Abdulaziz Alwasil, welcomed Harvey Weinstein’s appointment as Hollywood’s representative to the UN human rights body. In a statement, Alwasil said that his long and illustrious career of complete disregard for the rights of the women around him made him “a perfect fit for the council”.

The allegations of rampant sexual misconduct by the Hollywood producer, prompted the UN to award Hollywood full member status because “clearly they live in their own world”. This is not the first time the Human Rights Council has come under criticism for such appointments. Earlier this month, it admitted Congo where sexual assault is rampant and often used as a weapon, earning it the nickname “the Harvey Weinstein of Nations”.

While some nations such as the US and Israel raised objections to Weinstein’s appointment, they were overruled by an overwhelming majority of the General Assembly. The Iranian representative said on the floor of the general assembly: “as a rich Jew from Hollywood, we welcome the confirmation of all our beliefs about Hollywood, and as a lecherous man with no morals, Weinstein will feel at home here at the UN”.
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Sunday, October 22nd 2017 View Blog
It’s time for us to pack our bags and head off for three weeks debauchery in Thailand. We’ve been looking forward to this for a long time...literally with our tongues hanging out, and we have some very naughty encounters planned, one of which is 2 stunning bisexual girls we have booked for 24 hours that we have already paid for.
No doubt on nights where we haven’t planned anything, we’ll probably end up bar fining some bar girl for us both “to play” with. As for soapy massages, I reckon we’ll be spotless when we come back. It will be fun to do this as a couple with two or three naked Thais sliding all over us. And as individuals. The BJ bars will also be getting a visit, especially if they cater for women. Fairs, fairs after all.
If requested, we may post updates on here, but to get the undiluted version you’ll just have to book us on our return....
S&E x
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Sunday, October 22nd 2017 View Blog
Dear Mr Male Escort.....
Dear Male escort.....

Pretty please (with a cherry on the top) stop randomly contacting me with your standard copy and pasted messages that are clearly sent in abundance to multiple escorts.....

I have no interest in shared content or giving free sex in exchange for an alleged revenue of £500+ on direct cam (if you had bothered to read my profile in the first place I don't offer direct cam anyhow lol and even if I did I would find a partner of my choice :) )

Also not sure why ALL straight male (wannabe) escorts on here have the standard dick pics on their profile picture like we (escorts) are going to swoon at yet another 'dick pic' lol.
Keep it classy............
Any fella with an Internet connection can create an Aw profile as an SP........

Stop wasting my time lol and I know you didn't read my bloody profile anyway so take your standard copy and pasted message and shove it up your ass hahahaha

Regards Elektra xxxxxx

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