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kerryxxx (152) Escorts - Click to book
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Friday, June 22nd 2018 View Blog
PAINTER WANTED! or decorator to swap services!!
HI boys,
I'd like to get my flat redecorated and I would be looking for someone to do it in exchange for my services. It would be the whole flat and I would imagine with the moving furniture etc it would take a few goes! I'd think 2-4 days! it's not that it is bog it is just due to the furniture!

I'm based between Aldgate East and Liverpool street stations!

If you are interested please get in touch, as I'd like to get this thing sorted in the summer, while the weather is still nice.

Hope to hear from you soon!!!
xxx Licks and kisses
Britt_Cougar (14) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Friday, June 22nd 2018 View Blog
Adult weekend at Butlins :)
Last weekend I went to Butlins for one of their adult weekenders with one of my cougar / swinging besties - we were intent on a good time, including drinking, dancing and probably some naughtiness! I like the younger guys and immediately spotted a gorgeous blonde lad that we christened 'Biebs' after Justin Bieber! I was intent on having him, but sadly every night i saw him we had a few kisses bit of a grope but he was way too drunk and running round like a loony ! May catch up with him some other day!

my friend found quite a few fellas to play with but i was kind of happy dancing unless I could get the ones I wanted - fussy bitch me! I met some fellas outside Papa Johns on the way home that offered me Pizza and their cocks, one of them was super fit (I'll call him number 1) so I agreed - thought could take one for the team (number 2) as he smelt nice and was sooooo sweet even though I didn't fancy him! I ended up letting him fuck me from behind (number 2) whilst I sucked off his mate! Number 1 came in my mouth but I didn't want to give Number 2 blow job so just finished him off by hand!!

It was fun but after came out of the room one of their other friends had stolen my clothes and thrown them over balcony so that upset me - all's well that ends well - they were actually really sweet guys and looked after me after I was upset and walked me back to hotel ! Always up to adventures - this weekend out with my vanilla friends so will have to be good - hence fellas on here I shall need some naughty playtime and calls next week!
ChristinaGrey2018 (23) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book
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Friday, June 22nd 2018 View Blog
Massage Listings
I am asked all the time what kind of massages I do so I finally have added a detailed list of my treatments.

All treatments are inclusive except shorter massages such as feet. All massage can be extras onto other appointments and I also do "Fusion Massages" which is a combination of many methods of massage. I feel its necessary to adapt depending on your specific requirements.

Massages are subject to availability and are only available under same day appointments. All massage requests must be made in advance. Preparation is necessary.

Should you have any queries please call me on the number listed and we can discuss you're individual needs.

Hope to see you soon.

C x
Outcalls for you (33) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Friday, June 22nd 2018 View Blog
Theve had me again
Referring to my last blog In regards to parking charges in hotels..

I thought I was being so careful now watching out for signs, not wanting to get fined again , but this time when I pulled into the hotel passing through a barrier ., having a Lovely half hour booking I walked to the other side of the building to pay at reception thats what you have to do there
I thought she was a Lovely girl she was in a room just behind reception shr came out to me and said no it's ok you've not been here long you don't have to pay I'l let you out of the barrier she said lol That's all I think about it just lol I can't believe it, can only happen to me .So aswell as being aware of private lands I must not a&#65being let out for free
Dark_Goddess_K (0) Escorts - Click to book
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Friday, June 22nd 2018 View Blog
A slave to ME
My pet has been kept busy on his hands and knees. Made to thoroughly clean the floors to my exacting standard. My crop in hand, ready to swipe when these standards are not met. He knows my temper is short and before long he will be using his tongue!
He must ready the room for this evenings play. I have two subs with which to toy.
My mind drifts to this as I watch him bend and stretch to make the bed, firstly getting the restraints as I order. I see the two bodies, one beneath me, the other behind. My pet in the corner demoted to a mere camera girl ;)
I imagine my pussy lowering over a hard cock, her wetness sliding upon it before swallowing it deep within. The toy behind is ordered to lick my ass, the sensation physically and mentally excites me further. I want his cock too. I lift myself off the first cock and sit on his face before lowering my sexy body back down and order the one behind to fuck me!
My pet is ordered to get closer to film this close up and I look straight in his eyes with a look of pure animalistic devour!
Delicious demeaning delights! With a huge pair of cocks as my cherry on top ;)
LadyPeachies (0) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Friday, June 22nd 2018 View Blog
Oh sweet sweet wetness
Hi guys, here is my first ever blog post! I just thought i would share with you what actually happened to me this morning.
So I was asleep in bed having the weirdest but sexiest dream ever. I was fantasizing about fucking one of my clients. He was in ski gear and he pushed me over onto my hands over a bench and started fucking me.It was deep and hard and just filthy.
Then all of a sudden I woke up (Thanks Bin men), bright red and flustered looking round and realizing it was a dream. "but I am so wet down there. Have I peed?). So I checked and it was just my horn pussy juices.
So i got under the covers and finished myself off with my big wand. I screamed so loud and rubbed myself so hard! It was just delicious, I just felt naughty and filthy after.
Does anything like this happen to you guys? xxx
Curvy_AnneMarie (198) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Friday, June 22nd 2018 View Blog
How to be a discreet punter in a hotel
I speak to quite a few guys who are nervous about visiting a service provider in a hotel.

The most common fear seems to be "What if reception ask me where I'm going?"

Let me ask you - when you've stayed in a hotel on business or leisure, when you've come back into the hotel after a day out or at work, have you ever been pounced on by a member of staff and interrogated on your business there? (Disregard this if your answer is "yes at 1am after stumbling in drunk and urinating into a pot plant.)

All you need to do is ask the provider you're seeing for directions to the lift. If she says "Come in the main doors, walk towards the back left of the lobby and you'll see the stairs/lift" then walk straight in confidently and follow the instructions.

If you stand in reception looking uncertain of where to go, then you may well be asked "Can I help you?" because that's the receptionist's job.

Next up is "What if the maids are outside and see me knocking at the door?"

Maids do not get paid enough to care about a random person knocking on a door. People knock on doors all the time. A couple, only one keycard between them and you just went down to the bar. Colleagues staying for work and you're visiting his room to help plan the presentation. A family member in the area and you're popping by to say hello. A boys' trip to the city and you're knocking up your mate so you can go out. There's literally hundreds of reasons.

One thing though - do not bang on the door loudly, just knock at a reasonable volume. And when it's opened, don't say anything until the door is shut (and therefore sound is muffled.) The sounds of a door opening and closing and a dozen people saying "Hi!" and "Bye!" in the space of a day is going to get noticed.

Another thing I hear is "Is there CCTV?" and my response to this is "Why, are you planning to rob or assault me?" There is CCTV literally everywhere you go. Given that you are going about perfectly legal business, there is no logical reason to worry about it when punting unless you have bad intentions.

There is CCTV in Tesco but that doesn't put you off going in for your shopping, right?

Your chosen service provider will have her preferred method of guiding you to her room. Some will send the room number as soon as you confirm you're outside. Some will ask you to come up to their floor and then call again. Some will direct you to one specific staircase or lift. Please follow instructions accurately, because there is a reason for them.

Here are some general tips for being discreet in a hotel.

* Do not approach Reception, ever. I have been asked many times "So do I just go to reception and ask for you?" This is a hotel, not a massage parlour. If you can't find the lifts, go back outside and call and say you are having trouble.
* Never call from inside the hotel, call or text from your car, or from outside.
* Follow instructions to the letter, especially regarding which lift or staircase
* Follow signs in the corridors to find the room number. Do not ask a maid.
* When you get to the door, knock at a normal volume. Don't bang the door, but don't tap so softly that it can't be heard! Stand back far enough and face the door so the provider can check through the spy hole that you're on your own and not wearing a ski mask and carrying a baseball bat.
* When the door is opened, don't say anything until the door is closed. Then say "Hi, how are you, you look great" etc.
* During the session, do not talk or make sex noises so loudly that they would be heard in the next room.
* When leaving, say "Goodbye and thanks, that was great" BEFORE the door opens. Once it's open just smile and mouth "Take care!" and then make your way out.

One final note: check the signage in the car park - if you need to enter your registration at a pay machine then make sure you do so, or you may get a letter from those bastards at Parking Eye demanding money and enclosing a photo of your car entering and leaving the hotel car park...

Happy punting!
BritishTeenScarlet (175) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Friday, June 22nd 2018 View Blog
Last Saturday Billy and I went to the cinema with the sofas and blankets again. He was gently stroking my thigh and pushing his hand over my knickers. I began to brag his cock through his trousers. To my surprise it was already hard! We had to stop playing with each other as the movie had only just begun, and it would have have been torture to ensure that for 2 hours!

I jumped in his car at the car park, and we questioned where we could have sex. As last time a car drive by our sex spot (this is in Billy’s ends, I have a great one where I live). I started sucking him off, he was really enjoying himself, but I stopped as I knew he wouldn’t last long otherwise. We decided to drive to the train station car park. From the back of the car park we couldn’t be seen. I asked him how he wanted me and he told me to bend over. The face I was fully clothed and had only pulled my knickers to my knees got me off so much. He fucked me slowly, making me feel every inch. He told me he couldn’t last much longer. I told him to fill me up and then reload so I could cum. As he was ‘reloading’ a group of 8 guys parked right by our car, they got out and were running around. So we didn’t get a round 2. He’s never left me hanging before, but we had nowhere to go. Since then I’ve been like a dog on heat, and I’ve got to wait until next week!
MISSKINKYKATRINA (2947) Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Friday, June 22nd 2018 View Blog
Hello boys

I had to chuckle when I spoke to a gent yesterday.

We've spoken for many years and cammed regularly. Over the years I've emptied his balls constantly and he claims to be addicted to MISS KINKY KATRINA and I have no problems with that !!

Anyway, he was telling me that he'd been out and about and he noticed a hot blonde ( his words not mine ) sat, waiting at the lights in her top down Mercedes sports car who looked rather like me. He said the similarities were so sticking that his brain and cock instantly thought of me.

I thought it was quite funny that just that image could get him hard and get his brain switched on to me. Needless to say he rang me and I helped him out with his hard cock.

I wonder how much cum I've drained from his balls over the years.

Kat x

easybicouple (2) Escorts - Click to book
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Friday, June 22nd 2018 View Blog
One strike
And you re out .What do we mean by that simple really whilst we have enjoyed several great meets we have received many timewasting messages .
Now we know we offer a fantastic experience at a very competitive price and some guys are already on their second or third meet with us so we can afford to be ruthless so from here on any timewasters will be blocked very quickly .
We understand things crop up in peoples lives and arrangements have to be made but the same goes for us ,some guys just don't get this !
We cant all be the same life would be boring but pushiness,impatience and rudeness do not make for the social sexy meets that we enjoy .
Stupid questions that are already answered in our profile are tiresome to say the least .
If you want to take advantage of our special please be genuine and none of the above or look elsewhere .

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