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Sunday, May 28th 2017 View Blog
Italian Giorgio with the sad eyes
I sporadically try to get fitter, and on beautiful mornings I put on my trainers and head for the nearest park. An hour of a fast walk/slow jog combo usually puts me in a good mood for the day.

Since I'm currently staying at my friend Charlotte's flat in Marylebone, the plan today was to head through Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and Holland Park down towards High Street Kensington, where I would reward myself with a Cappucino and an omelette.

I jogged past Tony Blair's house, currently guarded by police AND military, turned into Connaught Street, slowing to window shop and read restaurant menus. A small, obviously old greyhound was shredding black bin bags to get at whatever smelt delicious inside. No obvious owner, so I stopped, and turned back. The poor dog was chewing dish cloths, covered in washing powder. I chatted to him a bit - they're such good listeners. Still nobody in sight, except for a woman watering her plants, who didn't know the animal or its owner. I asked if she had some string that I could attach to the dog's collar, and she produced the shoe laces from her husband's shoes. Knotted together, they made a splendid dog lead.

A cab took us to the Blue Cross behind Victoria Station, where the dog was examined, and had it's microchip scanned. The hound was ancient, an Italian greyhound called Giorgio, with a W11 address, but the phone number on record no longer connected.

The Blue Cross is just an animal hospital, so Giorgio and I were sent on our way to Battersea Dogs Home, now with a very pretty new dog lead, pink, with little paw prints on it.

Two cab rides later, and with Giorgio having done a huge poo on the pavement (and me without a baggie - super embarrassing!) a cheerful Aussie marched off towards the kennels with a small elderly dog with huge, sad eyes.

I hope Giorgio gets reunited with his owner. After the Bank Holiday I'll phone the vets in the W11, W8 and W2 postcodes to see if anybody knows him, and check with Battersea in a week's time if he has been collected. If not, I'll swing by with some dog bisquits.

If you have a chipped pet, please, please make sure you keep your contact details updated, or your beloved mutt may end up rootling through trash, and depending on the kindness of strangers.

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Sunday, May 28th 2017 View Blog
Monthly arrangement
So I've woken up early today on this lovely bank holiday and am extra horny

Now I don't do many bookings these days sadly, just the ones I really fancy doing

So please be kind when you message as well as sensible in your requests

But today, I've restarted to think about a monthly arrangement, perhaps an exclusive arrangement

One where we agree a certain amount in first meeting and we agree to meet an certain points in the month

For example bubbly in your hotel room the first time, the next time I arrive to your office for an interview! I get the job but have to prove my a levels literally

The next time you want to impress colleagues so invite them back to your hotel room and they take turns with me

It could be you want me in nice lingerie or to role play in my school uniform!

Or it could be you want me stretched over the bonnet of your car

It's gonna take a special guy to want to have all this fun with me so do message if you're interested in an arrangement with me - a bit like a wife but dirtier!

Stay kinky peeps - I know I will be!

Love from Me
The one and only
Miss kinky Boots
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Saturday, May 27th 2017 View Blog
A hostile blog
I'm afraid this isn't going to be a friendly blog. Now I have some of the most amazing clients, so this doesn't go out to the vast majority of men that use this site. But recently there see to have been an influx.of (excuse my language)but_ assholes! I have had so many no shows this week it is ridiculous. Let you get ready for half hour and cant even master common decency amd let you know they can't come! It isn't. Difficult to say sorry i can't come. I guess we're not worth a little respect.

And it,gets worse, last night a religious man came around, when he left,he took the opportunity to tear me to shreds,he spoke about he's religion so I can only assume this attack was to make himself feel better. He sent a msg saying I was the most hedious Escort he'd ever seen,have I looked in a mirror lately and he didn't expect a stick to be sucking he's.dick and how I stank from the 100 cocks.I'd had.in my mouth THAT DAY! I cried myself to sleep. And I still feel really hurt. I did nothing to deserve such an attack! I may be an escort but make no mistake that does.NOT make me less than you!
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Saturday, May 27th 2017 View Blog
Beach Baby
The sun has come out, and therefore, so has my favourite costume. Let’s pretend we’re on holiday together …
We’ve spent the morning visiting the local market for some fresh fruit and veg, then wander up and down the cobbledy streets, checking out the quaint little shops. We stop for a morning coffee and some fresh orange. The sun is really hotting up now, so we take a stroll along the beach, dodge the waves and take in the lovely scenery and fresh sea air. All this walking in the heat … phew, definitely time to head for the beach bar. A nice cold beer, a spot of lunch (with a bottle of wine to share of course!), and then …. Its siesta time 😊
The hotel room is nicely air-conditioned. We are both feeling very mellow and horny after the wine. You can watch while I tease you for a while … I’ll seductively take off my Sarong and fondle my breasts beneath my costume. I can feel my nipples getting harder with the touch and the anticipation. I slowly release them from the costume, and you watch as I play with my nipples. I can see you’re keen to join in, your cock is straining to get out of your shorts, but I decide to keep you panting a little longer! I sit on the chair, put my hand inside the costume and play with my pussy for a while – it’s feeling so wet and juicy now, I pull the crotch of the costume to one side and show you just how horny I’m feeling. This is all too much for you - you’re desperate to join in the fun. Even foreplay might be asking a bit much! You rip off your shorts and manage a rather hurried suck on my nipples while you feel inside my pussy ... Oh yes, that pussy is very wet and ready to be fucked. You coax me towards the bed, bend me over and push your rock-hard cock inside my delicious juicy cunt. “Oh God, that’s amazing” I gasp, “So lovely and deep”. I put my hand between my legs to touch and tease your balls as you slowly slide your cock in and out in a very controlled way. “I need you to fuck me hard and fast” I beg. It’s amazing … I can hear the slapping of flesh as you pound yourself into me. “Cum for me darling” I cry “I want to feel you shooting your spunk”, and you do! Leaving me with a very sticky pussy and gooey thighs as the cum drips down.
Now you can enjoy the photos and join me on holiday …

Sweet Kisses,

Stay Horny!

Love Lorna xxx
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Saturday, May 27th 2017 View Blog
A Super Flexible Kinky Princess
I have just enjoyed 2 wonderful days at a local healing festival, talking to some inspirational people, dancing to wonderfully uplifting music, eating nutritious organic food, indulging in creative workshops and of course practicing lots of circus skills and yoga moves !

I used to be a gymnast back in my youth and am still very flexible - I can do the splits both ways! I love the strength, conditioning and flexibility that yoga and pilates lend my body. Stretching and holding posed is fantastic for my balance and co-ordination and keeps my figure looking amazing and my skin glowing

I did some long intense yoga sessions and, according to my friend, actually drew a bit of a crowd who seemed rather impressed by my range of movement, always nice to be appreciated though at the time I was oblivious, lost as I always am in my own world when I am meditating

Walking around on bare feet in the grass is a beautiful way to naturally re-balance by connecting with the earths energy to ground oneself in the truest terms and with the sun shining down and birds tweeting in the tree tops it was a really beautiful and restorative time

Im off hiking in the New Forest tomorrow and then staying over in a Bournemouth Hotel if anyone is in the area and fancies an incall or even a local outcall sometime in the evening with a super flexible kinky princess !!!

Verity x
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Saturday, May 27th 2017 View Blog
Scared Of Heights.
It's always hard when I visit a friend who lives at the top building of a block of flats. She likes to sit out on the balcony relaxing, enjoying a glass of wine and a chat with me while I was inside. I was dressed for business and yet had to chicken out and stay on the ledge inside of the main room. I really am a scardy cat when it comes to heights! There was no way that I was going out there not for all the love or money in the world. We all have our phobias and mine are spiders and heights. Eventually I did relax a little more and by holding onto the wall I was able to walk around to the seating part. Anyone care to enlighten me? I'm willing for someone to help me as long as he's the perfect gentlemen.
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Saturday, May 27th 2017 View Blog
Special Offers and Weird Stuff
Saturday nights can be a little quiet,and whilst it's lovely to see gorgeous men wanking their hard cocks whilst looking at my curvaceous figure, sometimes I feeling like spicing things up a bit and playing some games...

So I am open to suggestions and you may see some of my 'special offers' are a little off the wall amongst some more mainstream items.

It could be anything from juggling (already on the offers), to seeing how far my glass vibrator will go inside me to clucking like a chicken - the possibilities are endless.. so come on step forwards and lets have some unique and most importantly fun ideas!!

S x
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Saturday, May 27th 2017 View Blog
Champagne & Bubbles
Good Evening Gentlemen & Ladies

ANOTHER bank holiday weekend is upon us already!! Where does the time go?!

The week has been such an emotional rollercoaster week for me personally, being a Mancunian (Well, a Salfordian but let's not split hairs..... for once) One of our worst nightmares came true on Monday with the devastating terror attack at the MEN arena. I won't dwell too much on it but I will say I am so proud of my hometown and the community within that hometown that have come together in such horrific circumstances. I was in Manchester on Wednesday evening and the atmosphere was a little tense but you could literally feel the heart of the city beating with love.... It was incredible!

I was staying at my favourite hotel (in one of my favourite suites as well) to see a client that I had spent literally 3 months, back and fourth, arranging this long awaited date! It was so nice to finally put a proper face to the name (after conversing almost daily for the last 6 months!) I won't go into too much detail but we had a wonderful time together, he was king enough to bring along a bottle of my favourite champagne & some matey bubble bath I had told him about one of the exciting features about this particular suite (a very large & deep bath) and requested bubble bath for it...... It could only be Matey!!

There was a lot of interest in my little trip to Manchester, So I will no doubt arrange another night to the city soon.

Another reason why this has been such a roller coaster week, is because this week I was also told that I was now a fully trained & qualified counsellor!! I am so ecstatic! I have spent 3 1/2 years studying and learning to be a counsellor and to now be officially qualified is amazing.... I am not quite sure where to go from here tbh, so I am going to work a few things out over the next few months and see what comes up in September, but I am so proud of myself! I am not the most academic of people, and I never went to college or university after secondary school so I am very pleased with myself atm AND to top things off, I have also lost 1/2 stone!!

It may not seem like much but I have been putting a lot of effort into trying to change my diet, resist the cravings for chocolate & sweet things, as well as hitting the gym 3 times a week and learning my limitations but it has been very fun!

So, here is to the next 1/2 stone loss & working out where my counselling career begins!

Until next time

S xxx
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Saturday, May 27th 2017 View Blog
Fuckinghell I can't believe how long I haven't wrote a blog for .....

Im laid on my penthouse floor in the sun in front of the glass wall (naked of course - all but sunglasses ;) ) Its not that often I get back now ... y'all might have noticed I'm in Dubai a lot / away now .

I just got back from Ibiza - first time iv ever been .. I thought it was going to be really peasanty and low end but we stayed at a beautiful place next to the marina and had a very luxury stay .

Went with some of the reality TV girls , Katie Salmon- love island , Chantelle from geordieshore , bleu briggs MTV , zaralena ex on the beach ECT ECT not naming others because they might not appreciate being on slut blog haha, mad girl gang anyway. We got a big yacht for the day and just slayed ibiza.

At one point i took a guy in the strip club and it ended out been a brass house , i was fuking creasing with laughter but we stayed in there and got wasted while the whores coming asking for sixty euros everymin - haha u know meh love a good whore but i have a OCD with noses and everyones seemed to be big in there hahah .
You might recall I had another nose job in January with what was meant to be the top barbie nose surgeon in the world- who ended out being a back street dodgy basted grr long storey

Anyway if you keep up with me in the tabloids you will know I just went to Turkey for a full body contour surgery and had all the fat taken out of me and put in my ass and hips .......
Full reveal in the next closer magazine so I can't say everything on here but its a fucking game changer .
My waist is tiny and I got a peachy butt now ;p
I still can't sit on my ass though for another couple of weeks which has basically meant booking 3 seats to lie over on flights , bent over in the back of ubers , sleeping my front on my massive tits at night and no sex haha . kill me

Anyway girls if any of you are interested in getting that body perfect hola me and ill give you the info for my place , you stay in a luxury mansion villa , nurses in there 24/7 as is your personal chef ect . Luxury slay surgery .

Back to ibiza , one of the girls who was with us , sure she won't mind me saying is such little slut sometimes haha thats why love her , she ended up fucking a waiter from one of the beaches we were at and then he proceeded to stalk her for the full vacation , while she was getting with other guys ect and is now stalking online haha too funny .

Im back for the weekend now in UK and then heading to away for 2 weeks for my birthday celebrations . So don't forget to send me presents ;p ha .
Ill be diving on cam tonight .
Getting luxury Kim Kardashian hair extensions in 28 inch fitted tomorrow which is ridiculously long ;p and then hopefully back on cam tomorrow night.

Iv got fucking loads to tell u and loads of pics to upload so will do a better bigger blog later .

Keep that wallet and cock ready for princess <3

Happy birthday to me

Follow me on insta if u don't already ;p
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Saturday, May 27th 2017 View Blog
now a yummy mummy! and thanks to you all xx
hey guys, well i havent been online much as i gave birth 2 weeks ago. thanks to all those who sent me emails, amazon gc's and vouchers. im overwhelmed by the love and support of my fans on this site.. i will certainly spoil myself with my gift cards.. and im sure you will all love the pics and vids with my new things xx

to my 'pregnancy lovers'
just want to say a massive thanks to all my regular pregnancy loving clients.. i have loved the last 7-8 months of camming and chatting with you all and i do hope you keep me on your hotlist and pop bye sometimes to say hello, or maby we could fantasise that im still pregnant for you xx but even if we dont chat again i wish you all the best and thanks for enjoying my pregnancy with me.. xxx

to my future 'milf loving' friends xx
well hellooo!! as i have only just became a milf, i am lactating at the min and i know you all love a nice fat pair of milky tits! you can watch me milking my big boobs or try a bit of role play or taboo chat with me.. or even just watch as i rub coco oil all over my body.. either way you will be leaving my room with empty balls and a smile on your face.. as well as a wet throbbing cock! xxx
i look forward to meeting you all soon xxx

once again.. thank you xx i love you all xxxx

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