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Wednesday, October 17th 2018 View Blog
New horizons
Today was a lazy day. I had unexpected free time and made the most of it by taking time to relax and recharge my batteries.

My local shop has been unpredictable with their wine selection after losing their regular buyer. After pestering the owner with recommendations he managed to exceed expectations today and restock with a good range of quality affordable wine from around the world. I had the suspicion he was becoming depressed because of the state of the economy but he does try which is the main thing. He is a big sweetie and does his best to keep me happy so I can’t complain.

Being the shopoholic I am I ordered a variety of lashes. I am itching to try fuller more stylish lashes not that I would put on a wide eyed look and bat my eyelids to get you guys going. Oh, no not me. Honest.

I usually wear something smart to greet clients when they arrive. I have experimented with silky satin gowns showing a glimpse of naked thigh and suspenders. Clients always love this so I have been wondering about greeting clients more often in a ready for bed look. It’s always an option and no bother for me at all. Just let me know when you call and I will happily oblige.

I have been getting more foreign clients visiting from abroad on business wanting to see me. Almost all are wonderfully courteous and a good laugh and know how to treat a lady. I find it surprising that men fro the most macho cultures are the kindest and most endearing behind closed doors and so so utterly aroused when with me and come so much. It’s a real pleasure to give them a good time they may not be free to obtain when back in their home countries.

OMG, I just thought. Ostrich feather evening dresses? What do you guys think? Is this too showy and inviting? I cannot help wanting one.
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Wednesday, October 17th 2018 View Blog
my sweet honey jar

i had the most wonderful naughty meet...
he arrived wearing nothing but a boiler suit, bottle of wine in hand...while i waiting naked playing on my bed..

he walked in, found my laying there.. passed me the bottle of wine and kissed me on the cheek, i rolled over and poured us two glasses of the most amazing red wine!

he then undone his boiler suit, relieving that he was wearing absolutely nothing underneath, i immediately got even wetter, i could wait to get my lips on his cock, but little did i know i was in for a treat..

as his hands begun to wander, i could feel my legs beginning to shake, exciteed about what was to come, i rolled over and placed my hand on his hardening cock, ready to wrap my lips around it, as i did so, i got the most lovely taste of honey, my darling guy had smothered his bellend in the sweetest honey, such a pleasant lovely surpise.

to be continued...
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Wednesday, October 17th 2018 View Blog
It has come to my attention that those haters are still lerking in the shadows.
To be called crazy. A drama queen a nut job. and on the back of 'say so that im infected with HIV after my blog about what im up to these days.
Not realising I said I can cure it. How can someone extract I have from I can cure???
exactly!!!!! right....
That is the level of human intelligence that im up against. And you wonder why I fell out of love with this sport.

And you wonder why I cracked up. Why I became sick....
Because of the level of intelligent people on a daily basis. It just got overwhelming for me.

And he had the stupidity to say im not painting myself in a good light as im making myself look crazy.
Look iv said this open and public before.
I say what I need to say, because it has meaning. There is always a reason why I say what I do.
It is not for other acceptance as I don't need that. I need to be able to express myself in however I need to.
Judge me all you want. it has no impact on my life what so ever.
Even if you think im crazy that's fine. But if you direct it towards me, /then don't get upset when I debate it back at you.
As I said I say what I need to for me. Not for you.
But I fear nothing. But back my words up. Do you?

So to all my snide haters who liked to see me fall.
The queen is back and the throne you have is mine and I want to thank you for keeping it warm.
But its mine so budge.
Off it is mine. The queen is back and now its time for you all to peck it out between you
Peace kimmi
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Wednesday, October 17th 2018 View Blog
Sexual dream
Hey so this is my first ever blog so bear with me .
So last few nights I’ve been having some major sexual dreams that got to point I’m waking up and absolutely dripping wet one of my dreams is quite kinky and involved having a lot !!! Of fun with two gentlemen to point in that wet that I’m having sex with both of them so both of their cocks inside my wet pussy !!!! Now this is just a dream but the more I’ve been having this dream the more it’s becoming slight fantasy that maybe one day two gentlemen would see me and will want a lot of fun ;)
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Wednesday, October 17th 2018 View Blog
my life changed this year
Hi all after 28 years with my husband my relationship ended in March 20018. I have 2 lovely grown up boys who i cherish and adore from my marriage. I now have a lovely boyfriend and we are making new memories. I never thought i would ever use the word boyfriend again. I thought my life was to be with my husband but fate stepped in. So i now have a new life and getting to know all about my new man is lots of fun. He is drop dead georgeous in my eyes, i love everything about him, and he has brought me back to life again in many ways. so im looking forward to what life has in store for me, after 28 years this will be such a different christmas for me and my boys. Im sure its going to b lovely though x
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Wednesday, October 17th 2018 View Blog
Just wondering
I've been thinking - how can some girls ask for sponsorship for fake boobs, lip plumpers and arse enhancements?

I work hard and have unexpected vet bills to pay for my dog life or for pay for filming on new show bit I don't beg for tips.

I'd like someone to tip me £500 for some lux that are my wishlist! :D

Different people make up our world and without the differences it would be a boring planet. Wouldn't you agree? I want to hear thoughts about these things because I have questions. I havê a curious mind and wondering mind.

Love JoJo xx
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Wednesday, October 17th 2018 View Blog
wet & wicked wednesday's
hey boys..

so how's your midweek greeting you then???

thought I'd post a few selfies over the next week or two from around our house so you can see what I have to get up to when "home alone"..

well, it's been "wickedly, wet, wednesday" here in every sense..

wet outside, yeukk and rather wicked inside (whoops!)

been feeling a little wicked ,so when the amazon man buzzed the gate I asked him to drive down to the house and leave the parcel outside the front doors..

kinda dropped my little house kimono and slipped on a pair of boots, so that when he looked through the french windows and up the stairs well, then he got a little glimpse just like you have now!!


hope to hear from you soon..


camstergirl (0)
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Wednesday, October 17th 2018 View Blog
Thank you for all the loooove
Hey lovely people (men and ladies) Sending over hugs and kisses to all that have messaged me and or bought my first vid clip/private pics. Had a busy week away from naughtiness but back on it like a what ever the saying is. ..
Love to hear from you about what you would like me to take pics or video of. The naughtier the better for me pleeeeaase. I’m gaining more confidence each time I shoot new content and loving the compliments that are flooding in, they are making this horny lady very juicy when reading them.
Mwaaah. CG xxxxx
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Wednesday, October 17th 2018 View Blog
Great Holiday
I have just had a fabulous holiday in Mexico. I stayed near Tulum.

I have always believed a holiday starts with the flight out and on this journey I was right. I flew on the Dreamliner and had upgraded. The seat was so comfortable and wide and the food was yummy yum yum :-). The staff were very attentive and very happy and polite.

On arrival at the hotel and booking in, I was told I was being upgraded to a newly re-furbished room. Well not only was the room amazing but I had a view to die for. Just a stones throw from my room was the beach and the Caribbean sea. What a view it was to wake up to every morning.

I could go on for a long time telling you what a great time I had, but that would take some time...So I will just leave you with, I am back now and sadly NOT with an all over tan, but tanned :-).

M xxxxx
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Wednesday, October 17th 2018 View Blog
Twitter Issues
Hello everyone. Just a little note to say there's no need to message me and ask why have I blocked you on twitter .... The simple answer is I haven't.

My twitter account is currently suspended. I have of course appealed instantly as I don't post explicit pics, don't promote hate or harassment speech, don't spam. Don't violate any of twitter's policies or terms of use, but still got suspended :(

Hopefully it will come back up imminently so if you don't already have my contact details you can message me through my profile here xx

Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly

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