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malley (239) Escorts - Click to book
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Wednesday, December 13th 2017 View Blog
Another One Bites The Dust!!!
Hello Chaps,

Well today started very badly. I have lost a very close friend of mine. To be honest with you, I have taken this friendly mine for granted, always expected this close friend to be there for me come rain or shine, night or day. It’s true you never appreciate true friends untill they are no more. When I have been low this friend would always cheer me up, make me feel good, put a smile on my face and a skip in my stride. I am in mourning........well for at least an hour!!!

Bloody vibrator!!!! Honestly it’s not that old too and clearly not used, well not much!!!

It died, replaced the batteries that didn’t work so it’s out the door in a wheelie bin (didn’t dare put it in recycling haha although I did think about it!!!)

New one ordered and I just can’t wait for my new friend to arrive or should that be cum.......haha oh no that’s me!!!

Malley signing off over and out (Oh the anticipation is overwhelming!!) xXx

Dirty_sexy_bbwxx (30) Escorts - Click to book
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Wednesday, December 13th 2017 View Blog
Christmas special ;)
So as i do every Christmas the time has come for my Christmas special.... a naughty hour for just £50 with no added extra costs!too good to be true?? well it is true and I am VERY good lol. I am only around this week and next and like you I also wants some fun and I no money is a it tight for some so you can come and get into my nice warm bed and have a naughty hour with me for just £50 and there wont be any additional costs on top. If however you want to bring me Christmas pressie I don't mind lol.

And if you cant visit my normal 9-3 hours then I am around for a few hrs this sat lunchtime/early afternoon so get calling or texting and lets have some fun xx
Juicy Bj (1) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Wednesday, December 13th 2017 View Blog
New outfits
Feeling good today...I have some new outfits arriving and I can't wait to make myself more happier after I've taken some sexy pics...so watch out for them ladies and gents. I've put my Xmas decorations up today so feeling the spirit 😘😘 lots of love everybody xx
Hectic week as it's been my birthday and was so touched by spending it with my special peoples zxx
Does many people talk on these blogs as I am new to all of this and not really sure what I am and arent allowed to write in these blogs... now I'm just babbling as there is a minimum of 100 words to write....whoo hoo think I've got there lol xx
roxysummner (7518) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Wednesday, December 13th 2017 View Blog
ROXYSUMMNER " at the theater thats a joke surely"
[b]My ever increasing fan base is forever mailing regarding meeting me or training with me but today I got a different one, the guy is a manager of a theatre a live theatre (not my thing )and I had a picture of what the guy who is 48YO would look like he gave me his Twitter link so I thought I would be polite and take a look WELL how wrong can you be the guy is quiet shall we say edible I mailed him and told him I like his profile so he sent me the link to his secret account I have always said I am not a big cock hunter I love spunk but tomorrow night I am getting both by the look of it ! there is not many (if any) people I would sit though a live play for but this is worth it and we have a stay over so I can take my time enjoying every INCH of him xxxxx[b/]
x isobel x (4) Escorts - Click to book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Wednesday, December 13th 2017 View Blog
isobel xxxxxxx
hey guys...

hey all!!! I hope that everyone is having a good week and enjoying lots of horny adventures so far this week...

well, I'm ridiculously looking forward to coming home to my favourite place! back home to the south! my favourite place, full of the naughtiest memories and crazy, unique, experiences! I'm so excited!!! my gorgeous girlfriend lucie is joining me for what I know will be an amazing couple of days!

I cant wait to get to the hotel on Thursday, we are going to have a pampering day, going to the pool, relaxing in the spa. getting naught whenever we can! we love being outrageous, kissing constantly and touching each other. I love that we enjoy each others bodies so much. I love kissing her, running my hands over her beautiful body. licking her, touching her, making her wet. making her cum. I love feeling her. I love that we have 2 days just being naughty.

I'm also so happy about the thought of sharing our naughtiness with like minded , fun guys who fancy escaping reality for a while!!! we are both so excited! lucie has never been to cheshunt... I cant wait to show her some good fun and to make some more incredible memories....

hope to see you soon guys...

kisses.. isobel xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
kinkydirtybitch (5610) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Wednesday, December 13th 2017 View Blog
4K + USB3 = Awesome
It seems like an age since I've had my amazing 4K camera for webcamming and well we've all been having so much fun together I eventually got round to doing a wee bloggie!

EVENTUALLY found a purpose for those USB3 slots despite having The obnoxiously overpowered Beast for years!

Been waiting for technology to catch up to the stupidly capable water cooled overclocked fucker so that the crystal clear widescreen can REALLY show you ALL the goodies.

BBWoral69 (40) Escorts - Click to book
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Wednesday, December 13th 2017 View Blog
She had just finished with her last client.

His cum was on her tits … the third load that afternoon.

She was hot, sweaty, and reeked of sex.

Besides the sweaty aroma of three unwashed days.

Her armpits stank.

She was wearing a stained leather corset, grubby red panties, high heels and red, grubby panties filthy after a week

He lay under her, looking up … waiting.

His felt the slight turmoil that always came at this moment

He looked up at her.

The panties showed a growing patch of damp.

A slight trickle started to make its way down her legs.

He knelt and started to taste it.

The stench of piss always got a reaction. His cock began to harden.

A brown tinge appeared in the panties.

He licked and slavered.

He sucked the filth through them.

He had a raging erection.

She took the panties off.

He moaned.

She smeared the shit and piss from the panties on his chest and around his cock.

She stuck them in his waiting mouth.

He sucked the filth from them.

And keeping them there, he pushed his cock into her wet stinking cunt.

Then, after what seemed like forever, he came on her tits.
EBonyKitten1990 (1) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Available Now - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Available Now - Click to Book or Call
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Wednesday, December 13th 2017 View Blog
My first time
My first experience was not planned in any way. I was never really consciously aware that I could be fully aroused by anyone let alone a girl, until it happened. I went to a house party and as it was getting late they decided to put on some porn movies for fun and of course we were all a bit drunk. An Anglo Jamaican girl that I casually knew from my area came and sat next to me on a two seater sofa and I could sense that she was getting aroused from watching the film. As we watched she slid her hand between us and took hold of mine, I thought she was just being friendly, but suddenly she stroked the palm of my hand with her finger. WOW that sent an electric shock through me and for some reason that I still don't know to this day, I returned the gesture knowing full well what it meant with a guy. I didn't dare to give her eye contact but I could sense from the corner of my eye that she was glancing over at me. To break the tension I went upstairs to use the restroom and when I came out she was waiting outside. We got chatting and I learned she was staying the night in the guest bedroom which she offered to show me. I went with her, my stomach churning with excitement and nerves because I knew something different was going to happen. She shut the door behind us and suddenly took my hand and smiled at me whilst she looked into my eyes. This took me off guard a bit, but I quite fancied her as she was so beautiful. She pulled me towards her and kissed me and I responded when she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I had never kissed a girl properly before like that and I found it very pleasant and arousing then she squeezed my breast over my blouse and that really sent an electric shock down inside me. She took my hand and put it on her breast, she was not wearing bras and did'nt need to anyway as her breasts were firm and shapely. She slipped her hand inside my blouse and caressed my breast and I did not want to appear girl on girl innocent and getting aroused, so I undid my blouse for her. She took my bras off and also her blouse. OMG she had beautiful firm pointed breasts with erect nipples. She moistened her finger and stroked my nipple which immediately became erect as hers, she held her breast and stroked her nipple against mine (this has given me a breast fetish now!) we both sat on the bed completely naked. She kissed me, sucked and licked my breasts and then started butterfly kissing down my stomach and I thought that was it I was getting tingling electric shocks inside me, but I was wrong. She started further down and got to my clitoris which she licked and flicked with the tip of her tongue. Then she suddenly sucked it into her mouth and rolled it around her tongue I was shaking and moaning with pleasure and nearly wetting myself I wanted to cum. Without any warning she pushed her tongue into my pussy - in and out, in and out. I warned her she would make me cum, but she just went faster and I had an almighty orgasm and flooded her mouth and all over the bed. She suddenly turned head to toe on me and, scissor fashion, pushed her pussy against mine whilst she grasped my thigh. She started rubbing and grinding our pussies together and moaning with the pleasure it was giving her. Gradually she got faster and faster and was panting like mad until suddenly she went stiff, pulled on my thigh so hard that her pussy was against mine and she shuddered as her warm cum ran against my pussy and into me. I had a second orgasm which has never happened to me before. It was then that I learned that I love being with a girl. I was a Lesbian.
IsabellaSexy1 (11) Escorts - Click to book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Wednesday, December 13th 2017 View Blog
Looking forward to a great day incall and outcalls
I have to let girls know that there is a fake client whambamman69 he sends booking request and i sadly turned up and there was a guy who said this had happened every day this week,and it was not him, its sad as its a waste of time but i am lucky that it does not happen very often and i do not let it ruin my day, i am horny and looking amazing in sexy short skirt black high heels nice white revealing top my lovely tanned legs, number displayed to book... i have the best naughty private gallery i love to pose so i add naughty pictures everyday, also got very hot movies... isabella is ready willing and waiting to pleasure you.... i am ready to please you with my mouth and pussy best GFE or PSE ever..
FUCK-DOLL-CLOZO (54) Performs on a Webcam - Available Now - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Available Now - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Wednesday, December 13th 2017 View Blog
my first sex shoot
It was a late winters night and I was offered to go have a photoshoot for some underwear I said yes i'll go.. so I turn up at the shoot and I was very excited. but there's a twist I have to do naked shoots to! I was so scared but excited to try it. I went and sat down at the table naked;). the two men came over and told me to spread my legs and suck a lollypop. the pictures were taken so after that. I felt kinda horny, so I started playing with my self on the desk and the men walked in and just give me a stare, I couldn't help myself I was just so horny and wet. so he came and started touching my leg and made his way up. it was the best feeling ever! he came all inside me and it dripped down my pussy.


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