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asiangentleman (208)
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
6 ways to be happy
1) We should accept the things we cant change. If we can and want to change them then we need to take the necessary steps to make those changes.

2) We should let go of the people who are holding us down.

3) We should blast our favourite songs and sing at the top of ours lungs.

4) We should all go for a run. A nice long run. We should run until we feel good, at the very least that we will be tired enough that the feelings will seem less major.

5) We should watch our favourite movies

6) We should write down every thing we don't like about our selves, rip it up and then either shred it or burn it.

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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
Good start to the New Year?
Hi guys

So has everyone had a good start to the new year?

I've meet some really nice gents since Xmas, classy lunch time rendezvous followed by a lovely pair of sexy boots. Our 2nd rendezvous well was extremely horny. First time ever experience with a sex machine and wand both at the same time

Horny out of the blue lunchtime appointment, was suppose to be just a chat but ended up having a satisfying quickie

Well guys think once this month is out the way I should be back in the swing of things, been working and doing some extra work helping out a friend all legit, but have been missing this side of things. Watch this space xxx
FilthyMinxFaye (37) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
Big things on the horizon!
So after years of toying with the idea of getting my boobs done iv finally taken the plunge and decided to have them done! Op is booked for 22nd feb and it cant come quick enough! I've decided to go from a b to a double d!! Tits mcghee!!! i already cant wait to go underwear shopping and show them off to all you people!! There's no stopping me now they will be out non stop!! Plastic is fantastic! Brunette Slutty barbie girl! If anyone wants to buy me some slutty lingerie then they can and il send pictures especially for u!
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog

To all of my lovely lovely regular guys you will probably know this but i'm happier & hornier than ever!

While I was away for the past 7 weeks I found it so hard to be the real me behind the cam with the naughtiness as I was sharing accommodation & had no lock on my door which was a nightmare when I wanted to show you a lot more!

I got very thrustrated & ended up playing with myself stupidly under the covers at night!

So now I am home of course I am back to camping from my parents house but the best thing is I now have back my personal space to do what you or I please!

Audio can sometimes be a problem in the late evenings but I am happy to offer audio during day times :)

So while I am back come & make the most out of me, lets play & tell me what you really like or want from your submissive LET GET NAUGHTY!

Look forward to seeing you all soon!

lots of love

poke@play (0) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
Husband at work
Well my dear husband has been called into work tonight. My bath was run but Sat hear bored feeling rather horny all of a sudden . So started feeling the urge to play with myself. Feeling rather horny. So I decide to call my other gorgeous man to give me a hand. He turns up. Clothes come straight off and we start fucking on the stairs as soon as he arrives. It's hot and rough, he knows how I like it. Hard. He drags me upstairs and we fall in the bath where he pounds me from behind with his Big cock. So hard in my pussy. Biting on my neck from behind. Pulling at my hair, Feels amazing water everywhere , just as he comes I suck his big hard throbbing cock till he cums in my mouth. But amazing as always.
Khloe uk (156) Escorts - Click to book
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
Pirate Girl Khloe
The Pirate “Take me and Deliver Your Cock”

I was asked by a Gent whom I had seen several times before if I would accompany him to a fancy dress ball I thought that would be fun and a bit of a change and ask what the theme would be he said school or pirates so we agreed on pirates as school is popular.

He came and picked me up he was his dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow and I was in my pirate girl costume He remarked how stunning I looked in my pirates dress and said those boots go on for ever “I’m starting to get hard already he said” I wish I had got here sooner I would have had you on your back on the bed spread your legs and fucked you before we left. We arrived at the party and every one was dressed for the occasion and had really made the effort as we danced the night away I had to have a feel of his cock so moved in close he had a full blown hard on I whispered do you want me to relieve that for you Oh yes he said but we had to find some ware private I said I think I know some ware as I had noticed this couple coming out of a room next to the ladies toilets and by the look on her face I thought she’s just had a good fucking and he has just filled her pussy with his spunk. I had noticed them earlier in a corridor he had her pressed against the wall kissing her and had his hand up her school skirt while she had her hand down his trousers rubbing his cock this had already started to make my pussy wet, so we made are way there and opened the door it was a store room we went in and wedged the door shut He said "I want to cum in side you". as we didn’t have any condoms “Bad Planning” I said he would have to wait until we got back to my apartment before he could fuck me and cum inside me I gave him a good wank while he finger fucked me it wasn’t long before his spunk was shooting out of his cock and my juices and cum were running down his fingers and my thighs .

When we returned to my apartment, He had his hand up my dress as soon as we got in and was rubbing my pussy lips, I want to fuck you while you’re wearing your pirates dress and boots we went straight to the bedroom he removed his tunic bottoms and his cock sprang out and stood to attention we laid on the bed and kissed and cuddled for a bit He said Khloe I need to fuck you now before I cum I slipped on a condom. He rolled me over on my back pulled my legs apart, "As he had wanted to earlier" pulled my dress up and got on top of me I guided his cock into my shaven pussy he was fucking me hard and I was soon starting to cum his cock pulsed and I felt his warm spunk fill the condom he continued to fuck me my hips trust up as I climaxed. After a rest he was ready to fuck me again making me cum again He was struggling to cum again "I think I had drained him" but after me sucking his cock he was ready and pushed his cock back in my pussy with a few thrust he started to cum again in side me filling the condom
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
In the dark lies my flame.
Let me talk, let me tell you as my body burns
I tried to to do the same touch all over again . Tried to feel your body dancing with mine. Have again your skin melted with my skin. I can't. And tried again and I can't.. will my body give up ?Like yours...
This feel like hell inside me. Is the hell a place for dead souls ? Like I lost my appetite for passion. You were my inspiration .
The way I used to feel in your arms I never felt with other and there for a moment you saw my soul and touched my deepest desires and made me feel alive... our bodies learned to speak the language of the soul, known as sex. My body belonged to you... I was devoted...

Oh I wished I could stop the times there in your arms .banish the the sun for one moment and to turns the night into a sunny day .
In my mind I have the shape of your lips. Your luscious lips that I kissed and felt alive and satisfied. The curves of your body is attached at every blink of my eyes . Sometimes I look at me and I see you... My half, my twin, my figure, my dear, my lover, my entertainer
My body burns and the flame is higher despite I am feeling dead ... I know there is a flame ...
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
Some people
There's just some people I can't tolerate, people telling me what I'm doing, when I'm doing it etc I know what my job is but fuck me I decide who I'm seeing and when I'm seeing them.

And people asking if I work evenings, well clearly says on my page I don't, that's cool if you don't want to read my page but don't expect to see me and I won't reply as it's annoying have to explain myself when it says on my page.

I've seriously got no patience for people at the moment and I don't care anymore. I try be nice and some people just don't listen.

I can't wait for a long sleep this weekend, this week has been very up and down and I'm ready to just go bed.

Thanks for the nice emails about my new picture. I'm trying to put more of my face In without being recognised as I'm well known and discretion is huge to me. Huge thanks for all the nice people this week, yous are the ones who've made it tolerable unlike some.

Think some retail therapy is in need this weekend. May go see a few friends and chill. Some times a change of scenery is what you need. I go places for work but never get to go out there and enjoy being away. Normally when I'm away its flirting to help clubs or I'm fucking girls and a sweaty mess after so don't get time to go enjoy it.

Thanks again to everyone who reads my blogs and for the kind messages (even though I'm a Moany bitch)

Night loves

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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
Cuckold Alert
Hi guys
I'm having so much fucking fun right now ,,
Basically just did a naughty role play that involved watching the guy next door for his parents and forcing him into the shower before taking full advantage making him come over my face after a blow job v quickly
Then with time to kill what else could I do but invite into bedroom and make cum a second time dripping his cum all over my clit ... Laid here dripping in spunk .... All over my clit and rubbing it in cause I'm so fucking horny!!! 😈
I do love a good creaming 😉😉
Teen19 (71) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
Athletic Legs Of A Panther.
A client was trying to sum me up, how to make a short statement of what I am and who I am, especially the physical side of me and he came up with Athletic legs of a panther and the bust of s she devil! I must admit to being relieved that at least it was complementary and he certainly did fall in love with my long luscious legs which look killer in high heels! Its always funny though when someone tries to make a short statement about who you really are because they have not known me long but of course paying to see me as an escort they do learn many things fast and we do get extremely intimate so you could say that a person learns more in one sexual meeting than months of just casual dating before things get serious. My legs are genetically pretty perfect due to my dads genes, he was a super runner at a high level and always taking me for walks as a youngster so I became developed in this area really well. My bust is inherited from my mothers side and she always was a head turner, a little crazy (like me) but a real hot lady. Genetics are so important in our evolution.

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