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Wednesday, August 15th 2018 View Blog
an amazing night with a gorgeous firefighter

He watched me for a moment and brushed his thumb over my chin.

i took his hand and kissed palm as i pushed back against him,forcing him to retreat a step.

But i one rule i will never break, i said,
what would that be?

no sex in the kitchen, he raised his eyebrows..
baby weve talked about this, your not ready yet.

i kissed him gently, i am i said..i need this.

his placed his hands on my hips and help me at a safe distance.
are you sure?

i hooked my fingers in his belt loop. and tugged him closer, stop asking me that and fuck me.

he only hesitated for a second before taking my hand and guiding me into his bedroom,
he sat on the bed, pulling me on to his lap, i braced my knees on either side of his hips, as i craded my fingers through his hair. he closed his eyes with a sigh, i tipped his head back, hovering my lips above his, not quite touching, until he started leaning forward trying to close the distance between them, but i pulled back with a grin,
he frowned slightly, and o[pened his eyes, i trailed my finger over the bridge of his noseand over his lips, he raised an eyebrow... muttering your such a tease.

i trailed my hands over his shoulders, down his chest and gliding me fingers underneath the hem on his shirt only slide back up his chest and over his shoulders, pushing his shirt off as i went.

..... tbc
DemiPaige (10) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book
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Wednesday, August 15th 2018 View Blog
this heat!
I cant be the only person who is just a big ball of honyness?!
this clammy heat in my area has me so horny all the time at the minute its crazy!
just wanting to whack my toys out constantly, even sat at work on my break I have my egg on vibrate while eating my lunch!
I cant be the only one like this!
not going to complain though I love been horny!
my new butt plug gem came in the post today! cant wait to get that out and play with that, my arse hole wont of looked so pretty, minus with cum seeping out of course
alexa-rae (4) Escorts - Click to book
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Wednesday, August 15th 2018 View Blog
When a loved one passes away 😢
It happens to us all at some point or other and recently it was my turn to loose a immediate family member. 😢 After a couple of months off I'm back in the saddle although still a little delicate. I think my grief is manifesting itself through anxiety so I appoligise now if it rears it's head during our meet, which it has done on a rare occasion . It's weird because although I feel absolutely fine in myself and confidence and totally up for the booking subconciously the bugger appears in the form of pespiring shall I say as ladies don't sweat 😂, the hot weather hasn't helped nor my age 😉 lol so it can be any, or even all of the 3 ha ha. 😥😰😓
What it definatly isn't, is due to drug use, which I was occused of and utterly offended by. I can honestly and proudly say I have NEVER used the white stuff and can't stand the smell of the old waky baky let alone smoke it.😇 I was spiked once on a night out of that counts. 😠so to the ads hope who accused me ✌ only the other way round. 😂
Masster dom (0) Escorts - Click to book
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Wednesday, August 15th 2018 View Blog
So I had a. Is it from a regualer lady who enjoys the burning stinging sensation on her cheeks yesterday.
A slow 2 hour session was enjoyed and and bit of further experimenting was also enjoyed.
Water sports had started to edge its was into the interests that she has.
This is a area I enjoy and wanting to expand on in the future.
There are many different scenarios that can be enjoyed by mutual consent.
But also the massage scenarios are just as enjoyable and are very popular with my visitors.
If you have any requests or ideas you may want to explore message me let’s see if we can make it work.
Also maybe looking for a female accomplice for some meetings
SexyCait (313) Escorts - Click to book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Wednesday, August 15th 2018 View Blog
Toe nail surgery update
Following my recent surgery on 6/8 I had the week off which was full of pain, rest and feet up.

Although the healing process takes 6-8 weeks I will not be taking all this time off work, and actually returned to work on Mon 13/8. Both my big toes are bandaged and have to remain that way until they're fully healed.

I have already been advising clients of this as obviously I have to be careful not to bang/knock them, so being flung around the bed is out of the question for several weeks, as are some sexual positions!

I also need to make you aware that I am unable to wear any stockings, hold-ups, shoes or boots until the bandages are no longer required.

To the foot fetish guys, sorry, but my toes won't be decorated for quite awhile.

BITCHDOM (146) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Wednesday, August 15th 2018 View Blog
I'm back!!
The sun has been shining at BITCHDOM Acres for so many days now. I decided to take a break and concentrate on my personal slaves for a few weeks. They were all desperate to please, but sadly, as always, failed to come up to my exacting standards. I have locked them away in the stables for a few days after putting them through their paces. I am now back and turning my attention to my Adultwork devotees, I hope you won't be a disappointment. I am rested and ready to put you all to work, doing what you do best, pleasing ME! So no jostling and form an orderly queue, Mistress is ready to see you now.................
Charlie_Amber (7) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Available Now - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Available Now - Click to Book or Call
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Wednesday, August 15th 2018 View Blog
Nearly on the coast
We have travelled down to the south of Spain and currently a few miles inland from Tarragona in a small town in the mountains.

It’s lovely and hot and were both sat here naked waiting to cam and for in call bookings. Check out our tour for details of where we are now.

We did plan on moving on tomorrow but our shopping plans were totally scuppered by all the shops being closed today for a national holiday. Oh well we will just have to go shopping tomorrow instead. It’s just a case of what to do for the rest of the day. Sit around naked and and play with each other’s bodies I guess lol.
Sexy Milf Kat (94) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Wednesday, August 15th 2018 View Blog
Accountant comes to visit.....
We'll, what a guy!

So he's tall he's handsome and an accountant....most usual!

He has the most passionate kisses, and enjoys letting me unwrap him.

Then he slows pulls my dress off and strips me naked. I drop to my knees and suck on his gorgeous hard cock. We fall onto the bed and i start t worship his cock again, slowly licking and sucking until he eventually explodes in my mouth.

He decides it's my turn and lies me back then buries his head between my legs, he licks my clit and fingers my pussy until i am cumming over his face and trying not to scream tue place down!

By this time he is hard again, after another quick suck we slip a condom on and he fucks me hard from behind until i am screaming the place down.....

Marvellous xx
MissMia_ (120) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Available Now - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Available Now - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Wednesday, August 15th 2018 View Blog
Guys I'm back.

I've had to have a few weeks off as I've been struggling a bit with my mental health butttt I feel a million percent better and I'm ready to get back.

I quit my full time job, which is definitely a good thing. As most of you will know, my hours at work were ridiculous and I had very little sleep.

This is all to say that I will be available a lot more from now on, and I hope to see you all making an effort to come and say hello! and you know, eat your cum for me ;)

Drop by whenever ;) but make sure i'm on your hotlist guys ;) xxx

Twice_as_Naughty (0) Escorts - Click to book
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Wednesday, August 15th 2018 View Blog
Sex Festival
We attended a sex festival this summer that was amazing. Started on a Thursday until Sunday. Had all the usual festival attractions of bands, DJ's, Comedians, food vendors, bars, stalls (adult and fetish) as well as Hot tubs, Play tents, fetish demonstrations, jelly wrestling and other fun adult based competitions.

Thursday night we took another fully bisexual couple back to our tent for hours of foursome fun (they didn't leave till 1100 am).

The play started with us fucking next to each other, the girls kissing and hands touching everywhere.
After a while we ended up with an audience so both of us men fisted the ladies for our audience to watch.
Once those watching left we got more inanimate together.
Lots of sensual kissing and touching between all 4 of us. We had the ladies positioned in the middle with the men on either side taking them from behind whilst they got really sensual together. The men had hands reaching over to each other at the same time. Lots of orgasms where had through out the night.

We had a few hours rest then went back into the main arena to join in the Friday fun. After lots of fun games, drinking and dancing we retired back to our tent with a single male. Kayla was treated to a spit roast from both men. Sucking the mans cock whilst Paul fucked her. Paul and the man then swapped places. After the man had finished we carried on fucking through the night.

Saturday saw us grabbing a quick breakfast before headed back into the arena. Relaxed in the sun for a while by the DJ booth with several other bisexual couples. This slowly turned into an orgy with people sucking and fucking to the beat of the music. We had a good long fuck for a few hours on the beanbag whilst everyone else around us was doing the same.

We eventually crashed around midnight and got some much needed sleep before heading off to our next festival.

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