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CALL to book for THE extraordinary SOPHI experience! More than a list of services* the SEXIEST SQUIRTER! *INDEPENDENT & ENGLISH* Tantalising Queen of Tease *Sensual/Raunchy *Sexual domination/Roleplay* FAB PROTECTED ORAL & HUGE NIPPLES *SQUIRTING Movie
Please read my PROFILE before booking, at least Page 1 & the FAQs, thank you
The original SexySquirter! Classy, sexy, well spoken and welcoming :) For an experience fully personalised to YOU as an individual. I'm still 'fresh' after nearly 5 years in the business, because I make a point of seeing up to a maximum of 3 gents in any one day, and usually less.
***while you wait****watch my squirting movie....projectile squirting

Sophi In a Nutshell
~I am an INDEPENDENT english rose, intelligent, well educated and well spoken, but also warm friendly and welcoming by nature. I have beautiful soft pale skin.
~I am about as far from the conveyor belt quick cheap fuck or mechanical PSE that so many escorts offer as can be
~I see discerning, respectful gents, age 26+ only
~I'm a size 8, slender brunette with very long legs, bust 34B, with gorgeous smooth pale skin, exquisite responsive nipples AND a very tight pussy.. (see FAQs & enjoys list for details of what I like to do)
~I offer primarily a sensual/raunchy GFE and/or Sub/dom & Roleplay (see below & relevant pages for details)
~my shortest booking is 30 minutes (incall)
~I do NOT OFFER OWO or CIM, I value my sexual health too highly
~gushing is a possibility not a service (see profile and Female Ejaculation tab for details)
~I don't look or act like a Pornstar. If you want fake tits, fake tan, robotic sex & fake orgasms please go elsewhere!
Experience Sophi!
AVAILABILITY: I am usually available 10/11am to 9/10pm. Minimum of 1 hours notice for Incalls. My shortest Incall booking is 30 minutes, thank you! [b]I do not accept calls from WITHHELD numbers or LANDLINES or TEXT bookings
GUSHING: Yes gentlemen I'm that rare thing, a GENUINE GUSHER! It varies from small amounts to bed drenching. Unlike many girls who claim to squirt I am honest enough to say that there is no 'FORMULA' - if it happens it happens. I do ask that you book an hour or longer, simply because the more relaxed I am....well you get the picture. For the same reason its also more likely to happen with my regulars. Beware those who claim to ALWAYS squirt, this may happen early on in an escorts career but even then its just not possible to guarantee it. FURTHER INFORMATION on the female ejaculation tab.

I do NOT practise OWO - I aim to bring pleasure safely! I value my sexual health very highly therefore all my services are protected, including oral. This gives peace of mind both to myself and my clients.
INCALLS Please note my enjoys list IS factual, unlike many!
Something for Everyone - GFE from £80; Roleplay or Sub/dom play from £150

Sensual GFE or Raunchy GFE from £80; 1 hour £150, 2 hours £270
1. Sensual GFE - for an unparalled erotic sensuous experience. I will pamper you and draw you into my wonderful world of kissing, cuddling, stroking, the best protected oral you are likely to experience, and natural orgasmic sex, on both sides I hope.......

2. Raunchy GFE - with a hint of naughty. I can seduce you or vice-versa - a strip tease with just a smattering of dirty talk. I will touch and tease you until you have to see me on the bed. A toy show will show you how horny I'm getting. Fantastic oral (protected) and fabulous sex in a variety of positions, until you come explosively - in me, or over me, on my face or my boobs, the choice is yours.

Roleplay or Sub/dom play from £150, 2 hours £270: as well as everything included in GFE if you desire roleplay I can be your naughty schoolgirl (16+) or slutty secretary. Sub/dom play is a speciality please see TAB

From Field Report dated 4/5/14 "I'd have to thoroughly recommend Sophia as she does exactly what she promises and if you treat her with respect you will get such an experience that it will stay with you for quite some time.....I feel like I've spent a totally relaxed and rush-free session with a former lover which for me, is a first."
OUTCALLS1 hour £200 (within 3 miles) - GFE or Roleplay/Sub & Dom play - your choice
For Home Visits I will require your full name, address, and landline number, for Hotel Visits your full name, room number & name of hotel.I'm sure all genuine clients understand this is needed for my safety and security
Outcalls 3 miles plus away MUST be at least 2 hours in duration and incurr additional travel costs dependent on mileage.
Outcalls require at least 2 hour notice, those 5-10 miles away may require more notice. Outcalls over 10 miles away by arrangement.
Please check out my FAQs. I accept payment in the form of cash - UK pound sterling only. Calls from landlines or withheld numbers will be ignored. I do not discuss services in detail over the phone

I am not a porn star and do not offer PSE so if you are just looking for someone to just bang repeatedly then I am not the girl for you. I am not into hard, painful sex, or rough sex. I do not allow anyone to manhandle me or hurt me.

Sexual hygiene and health are very important to me, I look after myself and get checked regularly.
I see a maximum of 2/3 clients a day so if you want to make sure of seeing me, book ahead


I currently have limited availability DirectCam. PLease note I do not squirt to order on Cam as I'm a human being not a machine.

If I am available for Prebooked Webcam or Phone Chat (prebooked & Direct Chat) the respective 'Available Now' green icon(s) will show on my profile.

I do not welcome taboo chat in Cam or on the phone (frankly I'm not that desparate for money); this means I want nothing to do with any illegal scenarios (animals, scenarios involving coerced sex, roleplay involving children, extreme degradation/disrespect)

I am not afraid to say that this revolts me - anyone who persues this with me will be blocked and blacklisted.

***I do NOT allow any client to push/pull me about, manhandle me or behave roughly towards me***

Booking Me
Firstly, please ensure you read my profile thoroughly to make sure I fit your requirements.

If I do, and you are happy with the services I offer and the rate I charge, please give me a call to check my availability. You may of course also do this via email.

You can book via the site or on the phone. If I have not seen you before I do require a brief phone call at some point before the booking. For advance bookings I require that you confirm on the morning of the booking, and again ONE hour before the booking (text is fine for this). Once the booking is confirmed I will give you my postcode. When you ring to say you have arrived I will give you my exact address. For short notice bookings just the second confirmation applies.

If by any chance you are running late please let me know. I am aware that sometimes things happen that are beyond a persons control. If you just don't bother to show up you will NOT get another chance of seeing me.

When you arrive please call me and I will give you my exact location.

Behaviour During the Booking
Once you arrive we complete the business end of the transaction before the booking can commence.

I am extremely clear about what I do and don't offer on my profile. Please make sure you have read it THOROUGHLY before you book me. I do not offer BAREBACK under any circumstances.

No matter what type of booking it is I do NOT allow any client to push/pull me about, manhandle me or behave roughly towards me

Any behaviours outlined below will result in my rejecting your booking or terminating if the behaviour occurs during a booking
You are disrespectful, threatening or violent
Ask for a discount
Expect more than a client/escort relationship
Constantly pester me via email/phone/text
You are clearly intoxicated
Frequently Asked Questions...
Q. Do you have an age limit? A. I see respectful gents AGE 26+ ONLY, no exceptions, sorry, due to recent experiences. However I have no upper age limit, so long as you are healthy enough to enjoy bedroom fun!
Q. What about your pics....? A. My pictures are strictly AMATEUR, no professional shoots, NO RETOUCHING OR ALTERATIONS made to any of my pictures. Usually its just me with a self-timer taking them!
Q. Is your number on your profile? A. Displaying your number is a paid for option, so its not always displayed. However it's pretty easy to find it if you look.
Q. Do you do 15 minute quickies? A. I offer a quality service which I cannot do justice to in less than half an hour, therefore my profile makes it clear my shortest booking is 30 minutes. I am not a conveyor belt, nor do I wish to be.
Q. Do you really squirt? A. Of course but it must be understood that I cannot do it to order - nothing you can do will 'make it happen'. I do not accept bookings if you are simply looking for squirting as its not a stand alone physical event, its part of an experience, and it may or may not happen. See 'Female Ejaculation' tab for further details. Also see me in action in my 'Squirting Movie'
Q. Why should I read your profile? A. Theres a lot of information covered on there. If you read it you will see if I am what you are looking for. Its also a basic courtesy at the very least to check that the services and prices are what you are looking for, before you contact me. Maybe some ladies do not filter out who they see. I do so please be aware I will only see polite, respectful guys.
Q. Do you see black/mixed race/asian Clients? A. I have no issue with ANY race so long as you are polite, clean and respectful. Any one who declines to see a whole group of people based entirely on RACE or ETHNICITY is a RACIST pure and simple.
Q. How can I book you? A. You can book via the website, but please do so only if you wish to give/receive feedback.
I do accept phone bookings but please remember it is not a free sex chatline.
Q. What about Feedback? A. Generally I ask the gentleman to leave FB first,, then I am very happy to return the compliment. Why? Because sadly I have found that no matter what a good time they have had some gents are not courteous enough to leave FB if I leave it initially.
So gentleman if you don't intend to leave feedback its simple please DON'T make a booking via AW! After all I am not one of these girls who insist that you book via the site.
Q. What if I want to extend my time.......? A. Yes that may be possible. You will be asked to pay the difference before continuing the booking. If for ANY reason you then want to/have to leave early NO refund for the difference will be given.
Q. Will you go dogging/have outside sex/do in car fun A. Absolutely NOT, for safety reasons and because I prefer more relaxed surroundings
Q. Do you do bareback/OWO/CIM? A. No I value my sexual health too highly to take risks, and so should you. I do offer COF (facials) and my protected oral has to be experienced to be believed.
Q. Can I shower at your place? A. Yes of course you can shower before, and after the appointment if you wish. I am very happy to join you there too.
Q. Why don't you do pornstar experience (PSE)? A. Simple: I just can't/won't do fake. So please don't book me if that is what you are after. I offer a fabulous natural girlfriend experience or alternatively Roleplay & Sub/dom play.
Q. I can see other girls for less, why should I see you? A. Come and see me if you want a genuine sublime GFE with a sexy intelligent woman who will make you feel fabulous.
If on the other hand you want a mechanical f*** from somone who will make you feel you are on a conveyor belt feel free to see someone for much less....
Q. Why have'nt I answered your email? A. If I have read an email and not replied it will be because:
The answer is contained in my profile.
You have been rude or disrespectful
You have hidden your feedback or have a nasty/intimidating profile
You are obviously spamming or otherwise wasting my time
Q. Do you like role plays/will you entertain my fantasies? A. Yes I love them. I can be your sexy secretary, a naughty schoolgirl (16+) or masseuse. Or perhaps you have a fantasy of being cuckolded or humiliated.
Please note I do not indulge in underage roleplay/fantasies; or roleplay involving forced sex scenarios. I do NOT indulge in bdsm/anything involving giving receiving pain, with the exception of spanking.
Q. Do you do outcalls and incalls? A. Yes, the minimum booking length for incalls is 30 minutes and for outcalls it is ONE HOUR. Outcalls require more notice and, dependent on mileage, may incurr additional charges, please see profile for details.
Q. Do you see couples? A. Yes I see FF and MF couples. The rate charged would be roughly time and a half i.e. for one hour it would be currently £200 not 130 as for a guy on his own (IMPORTANT - I SEE COUPLES FOR INCALLS ONLY).
Q. Do you allow internal play? A. Gentle internal play only. It goes without saying that your hand hygeine must be good.
Q. Do you offer Anal Sex A. To gentlemen I have seen before (recently) only....obviously size is still the deciding factor.
Q. You are submissive, does that mean you are into BDSM? A. I don't offer BDSM services, however I do offer SUB & DOM play - please see profile tab for details
Q. Can I get a discount? A. I offer a quality service at an amazing price so please don't insult me by asking. Would you go into a restaurant and ask for a discount? No you wouldn't so if you can't afford me please go elsewhere.
Q. Do you clockwatch? A. Never, to me that signifies a lack of respect and means that a very poor service is being offered. At the same time I expect you to respect the time you booked - going 5 minutes over, ok; deliberately going way over time is neither acceptable or tolerated.
Q. What turns you on? A. Lots of foreplay! French kissing and breast/nipple play drives me wild. Followed of course by an aussie kiss!
Q. You dont show your face pic on your main profile pics, will you send me one? A. I do not send Face Pics by request as my privacy is important to me.
I would also say that my clients meet me for the overall experience, not just my body, or my squirting, or my amazing OW, but a sublime erotic GFE!
Q. Do you offer Massage/HR appointments? A. I sometimes have Massage OFFERS, if so details will be under the 'Locations' tab.
Please note during these appointments I will be TOPLESS only. You will NOT experience squirting during these appointments.
Q. Do you need the services of a photographer/Do you need a male duo partner? A. NO, I don't. I take care of my own pictures and videos. Should I wish to hire a photographer I shall contact a PROFESSIONAL and pay the GOING rate. I do NOT exhange services.
So called male escorts - I am NOT interested in duo work.
Q. Do you do overnight bookings? A. Yes I do, but NEVER ON AN INITIAL APPOINTMENT. You would need to have a shorter booking with me first.
Q. Do you enjoy being an escort? A. Very much so! Just look at my consistent, excellent feedback.
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To arrange a meeting click here
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Rates15 mins½ Hour1 Hour1½ Hours2 Hours3 Hours4 HoursOvernight
In Calls-80150-270---
Out Calls--200-300---
The above rates are specified in GBP (British Pound).

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2.00 credit(s) per minute in Private Mode
no need to book (info)
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Town: Littlehampton (Incalls) Brighton Bognor Gatwick
County: West Sussex
Region: South East
Country: United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Member Since: 01/01/2011
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bi-curious
Age: 40
Views: 377888
Last Login: Today
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Note: Any money paid to the adult escorts listed on this website is for their time and companionship only. Whatever else that may occur if and when contact is made is the choice of consenting adults.

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Vital Statistics:
Ethnicity: White
Dress Size: 8
Height: 5'7"
Chest Size: 34" B Natural
Hair Colour: Brown Long
Eye Colour: Green
Pubic Hair: Shaved Mostly
Anal Play
Cross Dressing
Deep Throat
Dinner Dates
Domination (giving)
Domination (receiving)
Face Sitting
Female Ejaculation
Foot Worship
French Kissing
Hand Relief
Humiliation (giving)
Penetration (Protected)
Receiving Oral
Rimming (receiving)
Role Play & Fantasy
Spanking (giving)
Spanking (receiving)
Sub games
Tie & Tease
Travel Companion
Couples MF
Couples FF

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