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Thursday, July 19th 2018 View Blog
He didn’t tun up! I am sure all of us get the same thing. The male that was coming didn’t turn up. I occasionally get this whether its a nutcase, a person with a grudge or someone that doesn’t like what I do etc etc. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I don’t do escorting for a living but more of
a hobby and I love it. I lay on my bed and listen to lovely relaxing music with my candles on. If they don’t turn up they go in my block list. Usually the lovely males will text me if they are going to be late and it is really nice to know that they respect me enough to tell me they are going to be late. I start my day with work at a call centre and what I love is that no one knows I am not a real woman. I changed my name years ago to a female name as well as
my driving licence etc and learned how to be a woman ie speak like a woman and walk and dress like one. This had come naturally to me as I had alway thought I was a female from very young age. When I was in my teens I always wandered what it would be like to be shagged by a male so I used a dildo in my bum as often as I could but had to be careful I was never caught. One thing I had always been was a stickler for reliability and if I was supposed to be at a certain place at a certain time I would be there at that time. People could rely on me. That is why it always got to me at the beginning of escorting those that didn’t turn up for our sex session.. Thankfully I only get a few. I am truly grateful to those lovely sexy males that show me respect by letting me know well in advance if they have to cancel.
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Thursday, July 19th 2018 View Blog
Scary and disappointing
So lets deal with the scary stuff and then the disappointing stuff as well.

Scary so had an enquiry for a doing a beating. Oh goodie I think to myself brilliant. But then mentions taboo and I think that I know which taboo he is on about and yep is the one that all of us arbours. So advise that the beating is fine but the taboo nope not gonna happen and then nothing after that. Which is good as not really wanting to associate with ppl like that.

So the up shot of this is that I will have to update my profile to state that that kind of taboo is not something am happy with in any form.

Disappointing now and I have spoken about this before and yet it still happens. I and all of us escorts/doms work hard in the background that you gents don't see. Timing and making sure that what you want is possible getting the extras sorted etc. To have things all sorted and to be let down with no communication is insulting and just plain rude.

So this means that I now have to be tougher and harder which will mean that from now on any real time session I will now require a non refundable deposit. For you gents that do visit this shouldn't be a problem and for you timewasters well prove us all wrong lol.

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Thursday, July 19th 2018 View Blog
About my time...
...Or lack of!

Just a note on this because Im often asked (and my schedule is very different from most AW ladies)

I thought it might be helpful to explain that I'm a very busy lady is every part of my life and I never really have enough time when I am briefly in London.

~There just aren't enough hours in the day, or evening!

Also I like to not rush, be flustered or need to continuously look at my watch. So I allow plenty of time inbetween meetings for a refreshing shower, perhaps a coffee etc.

I do also like to know how my day is going to be in advance, so I do mostly take my bookings in advance.

Please do call or text on the day though and there's a slim chance that we can meet last minute. Do please get in touch, I will answer if I can and I do try to reply to all my calls and texts. (Polite and helpful messages please!)

Keep cool lovely gents and have a Super Sexy Summer!

Starla_Garcia (243) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Available Now - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Available Now - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Thursday, July 19th 2018 View Blog
Thank You Mr Postman..
This morning I was woken up by a knock at the door..
A tall dark handsome man loaded with a firm bit of wood?
Nearly but not quite..
A sexy older gent with a very large package..
My eyes light up..
I look up at him and I smile sweetly..
I was rather surprised at his charming Richard Gere/Pretty Woman kinda looks, not forgetting his groin area appeared rather large..
Anyway, perv time aside..
He pass me my big brown box of goodies..
Giving him a cheeky wink and a bite of the lip "Thank you Mr Postman, I do love a big firm package to assist waking me up in the mornings"..
His eyes widened, the corners of his mouth turn up while the colour of blush filled his cheeks..
I close the door, clutching my parcel and jump back in bed..
Running my hands all over, smooth yet solid, I can't wait to open my legs to his package..
Pardon?.. Now I'm finding myself fantasising about the hot postman and his package..
My mind free flowing with horny behaviours..
Oh darn, maybe I should of dragged his sexy arse in and tested out my new toys?..
Maybe next time..
However, in the mean time..
Silky lube, slip, slide and glide back and forth gently..
Yes that hits the spot just how I like it..
I loved trying out my new glass dildos..
They made me very wet indeed..
Never to leave you guys out, I'm happy to bring my toys to all you naughty boys..
Not forgetting those who loves a hot sexy Goddess treating you too some sensual or sadistic anal cavity exploration..

Items Received Today:
Anal Beads
Butt Plugs
Clit Clamp
Glass Dildo x2
Leather Hogties
Liquid Silk Lube
Nipple Clamp
5 Row Wartenberg Pinwheel

I'll leave you to carry on with those raunchy little thoughts that you're having right now.. Enjoy..

Kinky regards and lots of smiles :-)

Love, your Goddess, Starla <3 xx
musclemilf (420) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book
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Thursday, July 19th 2018 View Blog
Slutty Secretary gets herself off...
Dressed in my tight white blouse (unbutton to reveal my big fake tits straining against my bra), skin tight black latex mini skirt, Gio FF nylons and killer heels..I am lying with my thighs spread wide on the bed playing with my fave dildo (ask me to show you this when you see me) and my magic wand on my clit..
My pussy is so full of blood its engorged to twice its natural state as I work the wand at full speed over my huge muscle girl clit....this makes me cum so fucking hard

I see a lot of guys who like to watch me pleasure myself in this way and have real orgasms (but once again be warned: once I start I struggle to stop!!)

Hope to see you all soon

MISSKINKYKATRINA (2947) Does Phone Chat - Available Now - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Thursday, July 19th 2018 View Blog
Hello boys

What with all this heat recently, I’ve taken to going bra less as much as I can but going bra less with a 42D rack presents its own challenges.

Mr A loves to watch them bounce and wobble as I walk and he’s always grabbing me by the tits and having a good squeeze, stroke and suck.

Indeed, I texted him yesterday at work just to inquire how his day was going. He replied back that all was good but he so needed a bit of titty time on the settee later. I assured him titty time was definitely in order.

Titty time is his head on my bra less bodacious bosom. He loves to just lick my nipples through a thin white shirt, getting them wet and hard. Then he likes to suck them hard. I tell him to suck really hard, bite my nipples, pull on them with his mouth. I’m a girl who can come just by nipple stimulation. He knows tit play just so makes my cunt gush.

Titty time usually concludes with his head between my legs eating me as if it’s his last meal.

A girl can’t complain can she ?

Kat x
Angel Sam  (308) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Thursday, July 19th 2018 View Blog
Hot and sweaty summer
Hi guys
Hope you are all enjoying the lovely summer we’re having, not posted for a while, love these hot summer days although when doing bedroom olympics it can get really sweaty and hot.

I have been very naughty over the summer lots of duos with my sexy playmates Evie and Kirsty. I’m being naughty today playing with lots of toys and doing lots of naughty things

The very erotic nuru b2b cools you down and relaxes you on a hot day gets very steamy lots of slipping and sliding it’s great as a 3some to lots of action. Hope u all enjoy the rest of your day see you soon.

Kisses Sam xxxxx

kinkykatie30 (36) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Thursday, July 19th 2018 View Blog
almost the weekend
Hey peeps
Whats new with all of you?
For me im just suffering with the morning horn!!
Just every day issues when your addicted to hot horny sex.

wow had a great session the other day my sexy client gave me the most amazing massage. when I say amazing I mean amazing.
Having a mans strong hands all over my body is erotic.

Feeling every inch, caressing every curve on my body.
stimuting all my nerves, so every touch becomes more intense, more erotic.

my god I didn't want it to end... when he finally slid his penis deep in me wow I was sooooooooooooo wet and ready to take him hard and deep.

definantly one im keeping in my wank bank lol

cant wait to see what today brings.
God I love sex

katie xxx
sexynips (838) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Thursday, July 19th 2018 View Blog
Reflecting back on the Girls i have met on AW
Hi everyone . Soon i will reach 3 million views of my profile on AW - not the most views of any girls but its among the top 5 i think ?? . Over the past few days i have been thinking back to all the girls i have met on AW to do shared content videos with & to do 2 girl bookings with .

Some girls have been amazing & became great friends of mine on & off AW ... Jenny , Amy , Alexis , Taylor are the first that come to mind . All of them are amazing girls in so many ways - not just with sex but also as people in normal life & all have had an amazing time on AW .

Some girls have been real stunners in looks ... Emily with her to die for body , Honey who was amazing in the bedroom , Alexis with her stunning looks & body , Holly who had the looks but not the attitude , Sasha who has the looks & gives great service . Others like Taylor , Svetlana , Suzy , Roxy ... all are real stunners .

Some girls have turned me on big time during 2 girl play whether it be for videos or clients - they are genuine fully bi sexual girls ... Honey was amazing , Rachel could lick for England , Sasha was a big turn on ... others like Sunita , Macy , Dawn , Raven ... all hit the right spot for me .

Some girls were strange & at times i hated them for how stupid or ignorant or bad mannered they were at times - even though at other times they could be fabulous people ... Sasha had a split personality that was hard to handle , Holly is a nice person but has a real problem in her head , Lisa was very wierd ... others also were just screwed up girls that i never felt comfy with .

In the end though - when i look back on all the girls - the ones i remember mostly & smile about are ... Alexis , Jenny , Amy ... they are the girls who i would gladly chat to or help at any time . Great girls on AW - but also fabulous people in real life xxx
SexyInkedKimmy (13) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Thursday, July 19th 2018 View Blog
That moment when you wake up and wish you could just stay in bed all day, I have not had a lay in since god knows when but once I'm up that's it. I constantly wake up super horny every morning, almost like a man with his morning glory, as much as I love entertaining it by playing with myself at the same time I wish I could sleep through, annoying.

So it's Thursday, I have worked my butt off this week despite the week being an epic fail so I'm online for an hour then I'm meeting my girls for brunch, time to distress with a large vino and a fat naughty breakfast.

Enjoy your Thursday people, no doubt I will be back online later this afternoon.

Kimmy xxx

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