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Wednesday, November 21st 2018 View Blog
Restart Is Approaching Soon... Mrs R
Went to see Bohemian Rhapsody - at the cinema yesterday, anyone thinking of seeing it - I’d say don’t hesitate. I have always loved Queen: their amazing talent is mind boggling, with Freddie leaving one hell of a legacy. What a showman he was, you can tell the surviving members of the band had a large hand in the film and they have been pretty modest: it’s as though the film is a tribute to Freddie Mercury... but it’s not sycophantic... shows him warts and all. I cried several times during it, happy and sad tears, very few films would have that effect on meaffect me.

Health wise: finally the ‘chemo brain’ has almost cleared. Gradually, I’m feeling less tired, but that doesn’t mean I will launch straight back to my ‘entertaining’ - want to feel the home front is organised... yes guys, a lady doing what I do, still has chores! Mine got well behind during my illness and although a good friend offered to pay for a cleaning lady, I chose not to accept his offer. Better no cleaner, than one who performs badly. I often get emails from sissy maids (but this blog is not code for maids to apply for work). Privacy ranks highly in my life, so I will get things straight in my own way, thanks. You can rest assured gents - that things will be clean and tidy, when I welcome clients back in not my world.
M x
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Wednesday, November 21st 2018 View Blog
Going commando
Every now and then I like leaving the house wearing no underwear in risky outfits - as you know I love being watched and being naughty in public is a bit of a fetish of mine! Now that the weather has turned colder I thought I would go out yesterday in a tight short dress and tights with no underwear on. At all. I took off my coat on the tube and I could see people staring at my hard nipples through my tight dress which instantly started to make me wet. I then went to cross my legs and flashed the guy sitting across from me as he could see my juicy wet pussy peaking out through my sheer tights. He did a double take and was avoiding making eye contact with me as I don't think he knew where to look! Then I went shopping and could feel eyes on my nipples everywhere, it turned me on that much that I had to go into the toilets at topshop to have a quick play and relieve myself before walking around in my cum filled tights back to the tube and home. I just love to tease and be naughty! I think a repeat is needed very soon xx
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Wednesday, November 21st 2018 View Blog
Undress Me Slowly
To me I have always felt super sexy after slipping into some fancy fresh lingerie after I have had a hot bath in the morning. I feel very relaxed and refreshed spending some time soaking my body in the tub and I've so many different types of outfits and lingerie to choose from it really never gets old! It makes me feel great and I'm well prepared for a day of satisfying my special clients who wish to enjoy my pleasant company. What I love even more than putting clothing on though, is when a man takes them off of me... undresses me slowly and seductively... savouring every moment. That really turns me on and gets the blood flowing. Make a show of it, there is no need to rush! x

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Wednesday, November 21st 2018 View Blog
Having a rant
Just needed somewhere to vent, I am so fed up of time wasters, I would like to point out that I really do enjoy what I do, I have met some fantastic people some who I think will be friends for life, but I will never understand time wasters.
Do people really think that I want to send countless txt messages to someone who just wants to waste my time?????
And why arrange a meeting when you have no intention of meeting up and haven’t even got the decency to cancel, it’s people like this that really makes me want to call it a day and and pack it all in, I know that there are some decent people out there but the time wasters are out weighing them at the moment, so just a message to all you time wasters, we are human beings who have feelings and also busy life’s so please just stop and think before you want to waste another ladies time, as this could be the one time that she’s tipped over the edge.
Also I have started sharing emails, numbers etc of time wasters to other ladies so hopefully they won’t be able to do it to them too.
Ok so I feel a little better after my rant and on that note any genuine guys out there who wants some fun please get in touch lol xxxxxx
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Wednesday, November 21st 2018 View Blog
HER mum and I, parts 1,2 - 3,4
HELLO everybody, thanks for checking up on the latest from myself Mr Creme. Thought I should let you all know about my new erotic stories I have been releasing on AW lately.

This short story is about when I was 18 years of age and going to college. I had met a coloured girl at the local bus stop and wanted to get to know her more. We went for a few drinks, went back to hers and had sex, only for her mother to catch us doing it on her sofa.

However Ms Parsons the girls mum had a lot more in store for me than I could ever realise. This is a must read and a true story of how I became such a freaky fuck in the first place.
I hope you take the time to enjoy reading it and please do rate it please, if you like it!!!

Happy fucking you dirty fuckers!!!

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Wednesday, November 21st 2018 View Blog
Swiss cheese and Alpine cow bells
Yesterday I had a great chat on cam about Switzerland.

We spoke Swiss cheese, red wine, cow bells tinkling away in the background (and perhaps some rather pervy voyeur cows in the mix). Skiing was thrown into conversation, and this got me thinking - what would it be like to have sex outside on the slopes?

We'd have to be discreet, hidden on the sidelines somewhere. I'm imagining a thermos of hot mulled wine, the taste of it sweet on my lips as we scurry into place. I'm hurriedly lying down on the snow, unzipping my jacket, and you accidentally knock the thermos so the hot wine spills over my chest - the shock of the heat takes my breath away, I look up at you and we giggle nervously - then you straddle over me and bend down, kissing me softly. The heat of our lips meeting and the mingling sweet mulled wine makes me sigh, as I feel you starting to tug on my trousers. My breath catches again and I squeal as I feel the ice cold snow against my skin, my nipples tightening and pushing against the fabric of my top. You show no mercy as you pull my trousers down to my knees, and bury your face in my pussy. My moan gently drifts away from me in a cloud of steam, and I feel the sweet heaven of your tongue furtively licking across my pussy lips whilst also feeling the snow melting underneath my big juicy ass, dripping down my skin and sliding down the crack...

Shame I hate skiing eh ;)

Natty xxx
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Wednesday, November 21st 2018 View Blog
Good morning!!!

Quite funny. My last blog had a picture of me and my Rose out on Sunday. AW took the picture off!!I was fully clothed and in the middle of the Botanic Gardens??

Never mind, yesterday Haverfordwest, picked up my sewing machine, and usual shopping, popped up the road then for some Rose treats, and home, hubby wanted hot sausage rolls, none till mid-day!! Chocolate sausage insteady!! With CUM.

Nearly emptied the van, only the puchased items to go. Someone came from the rail track layouts thats a few quid back from Saturdays auction. Stopped early as the cold was getting to me, so collected the sold items and packed them early. Then tea and R&R. XXXX
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Wednesday, November 21st 2018 View Blog
Modeling My New Thongs
Sensualize Secrets

Modelling My New Thongs

I’ve had some very sexy personalized thongs made for me, they look incredible and I couldn’t wait to put a pair on and see how they looked! I never wear panties or thongs whilst I’m Sensualizing but I’ve been asked on many occasions if I’d sell my panties and so I thought ‘OK’ but I wanted to be able to wear ones I like and once nicely soiled (I do become so sticky) whilst Sensualizing then bag them up fresh and post to my fans who’d like to smell my whore CUNT! It’s made me feel ever so naughty as my imagination has gone into overdrive as to what my fans might like to receive from me via the post office! I’m a lover of cream-pies I love it when a guy so turned on from me Sensualizing him gets to fuck me deeply and soon can’t hold back any longer the sensations as I feel his cock twitching deep inside me spurting out thick creamy white mice as I like to call spunk! I thought about wearing my sexy personalized thong then pulling it to one side whilst the horny dirty fucker fucks his swollen prick up deep inside me and once, he’s cum his thick creamy baby batter up inside me and pulled out I’ll pull my gusset back over my sopping wet cunt and let his creamy spunk dribble out onto my gusset! I imagine quite a few fans would love to receive those pair of thongs now don’t you think?

I went out just after my order of personalized sexy thongs arrived and placed a pair in my handbag not for any particular reason just wanted to admire them again once out and sat having a quiet coffee as indeed I often do! I’d traveled to a local large popular shopping mall to meet up with an old swinger friend a woman in her late fifties who I’ve indulged many times over the years and had lovely filthy fun with! As I approached the coffee outlet in the mall, I noticed Joan (not her real name) sat next to a younger woman who looked mid to late twenties. As I approached Joan got up from her seat and we hugged each other warmly, it was all I could do not to give her a very passionate French kiss but thought better of it in a crowded shopping mall coffee outlet! Joan introduced me to her friend Lucy (not her real name) And soon we all chatted away like long lost friends. Joan asked how business was and as she did, I glanced at Lucy only for Joan to tell me that she’d already told her all about me which made my face light up grinning from ear to ear! “Have you now” I blurted out and she said YES, which had us all laughing. It turned out that Lucy was a young divorcee she was 29 but looked younger and was married for only 2 years and was now trying to move on with her life especially with regard to discovering what it felt like to be sexually stimulated and the intense build up before that ‘knowing it’s going to happen’ electric moment!

Lucy was in rapid fire mode asking me all about Sensualize which I eagerly told her about, she said she felt a bit sexually confused and once asked to elaborate she began telling me she had enjoyed a steamy girl-on-girl fling with a room mate at university before she met her ex-husband at same university. She said she’d never since been so turned on sexually and as such was considering looking for more of the same so to speak. I saw an opportunity and smiled to myself as I mentioned I had something to show them both! They stared at me as I opened my handbag bringing out a pair of my personalized Thongs, they starred and Joan quick to take hold couldn’t get over how sexy and great they looked with my Sensualize logo blazoned over the sexy crotch area! Lucy said oh wow I want a pair of those to which I said you can have this pair but only if you allow me to use my teeth to take them off you! Joan blurted out “You Filthy Fucker” smiling as Lucy said “Are you serious” I said YES VERY SERIOUS! Now Lucy was a very trim toned woman and I have to admit as soon as I first set eyes on her I noticed her long lean legs and pert bum in her tight-fitting jeans. Lucy knew I was fully Bi-Sexual not curious I’d long past that stage and had enjoyed many sexual indulgences with other woman, but it had been quite a while since I’d tasted a woman of Lucy’s age and the idea, I could be again very soon got my juices flowing! I love this stage in sexual proceedings when you know it’s ‘Game-On’ as the mind becomes locked so firmly on the stages it’s at then to full on lesbian filth!

We continued giggling interrupted only by my need to reiterate just how serious I was in relation to my wanting to watch Lucy put on my sexy thong only to let me eat them off her! Joan mentioned that Lucy was staying over with her and her husband but that evening they would be home-alone as he was in London on business and wasn’t due back for a couple of days. It’s at times like these that my sexually free no limits lifestyle bubble up to the surface as all it took was a short txt home (my home) mentioning that I’d met up with Joan and ‘Friend’ and would be home late! The one-word reply ENJOY made me smile as it’s moments like this that I feel humble ever so fortunate and so much more that indeed I live life especially my sex life both professionally and personally so freely! I mentioned to Joan & Lucy that as far as I was concerned it indeed was game-on! Lucy’s face such a picture as she momentarily considered that indeed here was before her a very bi-sexual woman ready and primed to indulge her sexually and to do so as soon as we could leave the shopping centre and travel to Joan’s house situated about a 45-minute drive away! Joan was first to seize the moment and ushered us up and out to her Range Rover parked in the car park. Once at her car I offered to join Lucy in the back seat whilst Joan chauffeured us back to her house. As we made our way out onto the road I found myself sitting up next to Lucy with only the seat belts restricting easier access to each other.

I began stroking her long sexy legs clad in very tight jeans I was wearing my tight black jogging bottoms but with no knickers, my cunt was getting ever so wet being so close to sexy Lucy! She kept looking at my tits I wasn’t dressed in any way sexily, but this didn’t stop her from staring which had me grinning widely! As I felt Lucy’s legs, I could sense she wanted to touch me, so I made it easy for her as I opened my thighs and told her to feel how warm my crotch was! She quickly yet tentatively began gently stroking my inner thighs ever so slowly working her way up to my open but jogging bottom clad crotch! As her fingers touched my pussy area, I felt myself accessing my inner utter Filth-MILF and here I was in a good friend’s car back seat sat alongside a younger very sexy woman, I yearned to devour her as I could sense how badly she wanted me too! I loosened my seat belt enough so that I could reach her to kiss her and my word as soon as my face got close enough our mouths entwined, and we kissed like love struck teenagers it was so intense and turned my tush to mush! Lucy and I where now snogging, and she began feeling my huge tits from outside my top. Joan, I sensed would be alternating her concentration from road to rear view mirror which now had Lucy and I snogging and feeling each other up like crazy! I couldn’t Wait for the journey to Joan’s house to complete and after what only seemed like 30 minutes we indeed were pulling onto Joan’s drive. As soon as she switched off the engine our seat-belts released we got out of the car and made a hastily dash for the front door!

As soon as we got into the house I told Joan I was taking Lucy upstairs as I needed to taste how wet I’d made her pussy! Joan called me a filthy mare which made us all laugh but didn’t slow our progress upstairs to the master bedroom. As soon as we got into the bedroom, I got a hold of Lucy she’s taller than me but what did that matter? We snogged again so passionately only pausing as I needed to get both Lucy and I naked! We quickly stripped off and I must say Lucy had taken excellent care of herself slim and nicely toned I couldn’t keep my eyes off her! Once naked I took out a pair of my Sensualize thongs and asked her to put them on, watching her pull on the skimpy thong was turning me on like crazy! She now stood before me wearing only the thong I’d given her, I told her to lay on the bed and as she did, I began working my mouth and tongue up her thighs until I was at her thong. My teeth began to nibble away until I had a strong enough grip to pull then down from her vert flat pussy/tummy. She wriggled a bit making it easier to pull them off and as soon as I saw her lovely smooth-shaven quim, I was ready to feast on her cunny! I took the thong off completely then placed a pillow underneath her sexy bottom this gave me the perfect height from which to really go at her juicy pussy. I placed my face against her lovely smooth sweet smelling pussy, my tongue began to explore and as my fingers opened up her petals her clit stood proud as I held it gently between my teeth, this really exposed her bud and allowed me to Duracell Tongue her, flicking over and up and down so quickly adjusting the pressure sensing her joy which like mine was so intense. Lucy was moaning now quite loudly, and I sensed she would be able to hold off her looming orgasm, so I licked and lapped away on her clit until she shuddered and let out a huge cry as her orgasm ripped through her! I stuck my tongue deep inside her gash savoring her luv-goo which tasted so good! I needed her to return the joy and as I positioned myself straddling her face I watched as the bedroom door opened and in walked a concerned looking Joan! “Are YOU OK” blurted out a very stern looking Joan I said “YES LUCY’s a SCREAMER” and without further a due opened up Lucy’s pussy lips to show Joan my handy work! Lucy was now returning the joy and my she could lick cunt! I was dripping, I knew it wouldn’t take long for Lucy to tilt me over an ‘edge’ I was virtually at already! Then I felt my orgasm, huge, powerful and very wet, my luv-wee erupted over her pretty face and she lapped it all up like a crazy. Joan sat on a chair watching us both as now we had straightened up and sat on the edge of the bed giggling away like a pair of very naughty teenagers! My thong looked amazing on Lucy who asked if she could keep them as a reminder of such a horny encounter I said “With and My Pleasure” I spent another hour with them both before Joan drove me back to collect my car from the mall car park. During that drive we spoke about how at ease and certainly at home Lucy was sexually with me and I remarked I’d certainly not be her last girl-on-girl sexual encounter! I wasn’t and yes it involved Joan and others which I’ll relay to you again soon!

Hope you enjoyed reading?

Julie xxx

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Wednesday, November 21st 2018 View Blog
yet more holiday tales....
I was away with 3 other girls and we met a group of guys also on holiday from the UK. On our first night there we all fucked one of the guys. My guy was quite drunk so I can remember I did all of the work which I was happy to do as I loved to ride a guys dick at the time nice and hard and really grind into him..so I fucked the shit out of him back at our apartment.

The next day we all compared notes about our lays…one the other girls said she had only given her lad a BJ cos he had a really big donkey dick. She said it was too big for her mouth let alone her pussy.

So as we soaked up the sun on the beach that afternoon, I knew which guy I was going to be fucking that night. I wanted his big fat donkey cock inside me (every inch)….TBC
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Wednesday, November 21st 2018 View Blog
Good morning to you all, i hope your all okay and having a nice week so far!
Ive been busy making new content for my profile, new movie clips and pics. I love doing this its great fun !!
Im looking for new ideas for shows etc so if theres anything youd like to see then please dont hesitate to get in touch with me and tell me what your ideas are , id be more than happy to accomodate you.
I love my job so much and getting to know all of you is great fun, so come on in if we havent met as yes and lets get to know eachother, i love a guy that can make me laugh its a massive turn on for me so please bring your humour in to chat and lets have some fun !! ;0)

hope to speak soon

kisses Brogan xxx

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