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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
Ebony needs a submissive gardener urgently
A superb opportunity has arisen for a passionate and enthusiastic mature submissive Gardener to enhance and maintain my bush You will be cutting the grass and creating a nice space for me to relax.

The garden contains lawns,a small lawn in the front and a larger one around the back. Handyman skills would be desirable as Ebony loves a man who is good with his hands.

Applicants must be passionate about sorting out my bush back and frontand must enjoy me giving you a good watering as gardening is very hot work.Submissives, who go the extra mile for me, and take ownership and great pride in their work will be rewarded very well.

You must have good feedback and living local to me would be ideal but not written in stone.All the other details such as days and times can be discussed as and when.Money will not be exchanged either way.Mature white gents only need apply.

Ebony Goddess xxx
May-Brooklyn (27) Performs on a Webcam - Available Now - Click to Book Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
Need a good seeing to!
Can anyone believe me when I say I haven't had sex since last year?
I am literally gagging for it. I promised myself I wouldn't just sleep with anybody, I get stimulated of just having a connection with someone.

I am looking for more than just sex, I want someone that is going to stimulate not just my body but my mind. I'm literally waiting for the right person to come and impress my high standards.

Putting a value on yourself is so sexy, I want someone to work for me. I'm sure if someone really wanted it they would work. I find it sexy when a guy puts in effort.

I want that kind of connection, where I just want to look at them everyday and whip their clothes off. I want that attraction with their looks but also their personality.

Am I being too hopeful?

SexieLexy (103) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
Horny Thursday!
We've had a good few days weather wise, but now it seems we are back to the rain and drizzle and cold!
There is only one thing to do when it's raining outside - that's to stay inside in the warm with the rain pounding on the window, while your cock is being sucked by a lady in only her underwear ;-) there is nothing like fucking in summer, but there is something to be said for when the rain is coming down outside!
So my day begins as it usually does, with a nice hot bath - to get my self nice and clean for all of my gorgeous guys :-D
Soap my body and clean myself... And perhaps wander a little with my hands while thinking of all of those gorgeous cocks!!!
kittystokes (1072) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Available Now - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Available Now - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
As the title of this blog suggests, I do enjoy knowing that I am turning guys on, whether it is on cam, through my pictures and videos, or when I hear them orgasm as they fuck me.

I have mentioned before that my favourite kind of men to turn on, the ones that make me feel horny and special are the married ones, there is something so taboo, wrong and sexy about feeling a married man's cock in you as you can see that wedding band on his finger.

Ten, yep count them, ten married men have been in my bed over the last two days, surprisingly not all at the same time, but I would of been quite happy if they were.

Do you know how many of them actually had sex with me though? None of them!

What? I hear your brain scream! Well, it will if you are reading the blog and not just wanking to whichever picture I have decided to use for this blog, again, not that I mind, I chose my most 'wankable over' pics for these blogs especially for that!

No, let me tell you what happened, it's too short and too straight forward for one of my erotica pieces, so I am going to say here.

So, basically, a guy got in contact with Moses and asked if he could come around leave Moses some money (a lot less than a normal escort meet, but we will come to that reason in a moment) walk upstairs, to where I would be lying naked, spunk over me and go.

Moses asked me if this was going to be ok. Ok? Of course! So that is exactly what happened, it was so horny, yet so easy, I let him have a little grope of me too, and groped back.

Thing was, the fact that it was so easy, and so horny made me want to do it again, so I asked Moses to organise some more men, which is what he did, 9 more, some of them I sucked as well, and some went down on me, but all of them spunked over me.

Now, maybe I will have a different favourite turn on soon, but right at the moment, that is mine, its a bit like being on the cam, except you get to really appreciate the 'finish'.

Now, I wonder what is going through your mind? See you soon, love Kitty!
Lucylew34 (67) Escorts - Click to book Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
For many young boys being taken to the barbers for his routine haircut is a chore and they detest having to sit still for more than 5 minutes but to one of my clients it became a school boy fantasy that came reality.
To keep his identity unknown let’s call him John. Now John always had a woman barber cut his hair which developed into a fantasy unknown to him until one particular day.
It was a warm summers Saturday morning when johns dad decide it was time for the lads trip to the barbers as they where both getting a bit untidy round the ears. The barbers always opened early around 7:30am on a weekend as they knew they were going to get busy. They arrived around 8:15am and saw there was 3 guys waiting before them but John didn’t mind as watching the transformations from scruff to smart fascinated him.
When it was Johns turn to sit in that big black leather barbers chair the hormones started to arouse and the excitement started brewing where it shouldn’t be starting. The lady that cut Johns hair regularly was very pretty and being a warm summers morning she was in a flowing dress, medium to short and low cut that enhanced her body shape in just the right places.
He developed a fancy for Lucy the hairdresser and he certainly didn’t mind a low cut dress because he knew at some point of the hair cutting process that those plump breasts would be inches from his young youthful face. Lucy obviously knew what she was doing to all her clients but Johns dad always tipped well any way so this was just entertainment in the process.
Lucy had a way of touching Johns hair that aroused him no end and even reaching out and touching her arm would be very out of place so he had to keep his hands in his lap to hide his excitement.
So when John sent me an email because he saw that I was a hairdresser and had the same name as his fantasy barber he thought the fantasy had to be re-enacted again but with a more sexual theme as he was now 38 years old and not 13years old.
When I had replied to Johns email it had started the arousal process all over again. The pre haircut nerves and anticipation that he would actually be able to touch Lucy this time.
When John had arrived at my house I had the barbers chair all set up for him just like he had the requested. He sat in the chair. I put the cape around his neck and we started the role play.
John had requested to be naked for his hair cut so the cape touching his bare flesh would be even more arousing. When I had finished the cutting I turned it up a notch. I whispered in his ear that I knew what had been happening underneath the cape and that now your my entertainment. (In role) he said nervously “I’m so sorry but your hands touch my hair and seeing your breasts over flow your top arouses me”. I then said “well we are going to have to do something about that, aren’t we?” John looked nervously at me. I walked over to my cabnet and got my handcuffs out and cuffed him to the chair. I stood behind the chair and ran my hand seductively around his face then down under the cape to his chest then down to his stomach and clasped my skilful fingers around the hardness of his cock. I could easily of finished him there and then but decided not to. He was my play thing and it’s my turn to have some fun.
So I seductively walked around to the front of the chair, put both hands on top of his arms on the chair rests and bent over with my breasts in his face taking the fantasy up another level. I looked him in his eyes to see how turned on his was and omg he was so there.
I dropped down to me knees keeping eye contact with him all the way. Pushed the cape aside to expose his throbbing, hard Thallus. I looked at it real good to enthral him even more. I lowered my head to his lap and with in seconds had him cumming like a cork out of a champagne bottle.
It went everywhere, all over the chair and cape. He left a very happy man with a school boy fantasy with memories that can only stay memories from now on.
Talkativebunny (55) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
Female Fantasy
Hi guys. Today I think I will tell you about my fantasy with another female.
I have only been with another female once and I would definitely love to try it again. And of course the dominant man who is always at the forefront in all of my fantasies would be part of it too.
​My fantasy sees me meeting a female who is relatively a stranger in a hotel room. My Dom is not going to participate but he is there taking total control of the situation. As well as being with a female and being watched, him taking control is a major turn on for me. He starts by telling my to undress myself as the other female watches. I can feel my pussy getting wet and starting to ache. She sits on the bed and watches me remove my clothing until I am totally naked. My Dom is sitting on a chair watching me too. He tells me to undress the female. I slowly unbutton her blouse exposing her white lace bra. I reach around and unclip her bra and allow her breasts to bounce free. He tells me to stop and suck her nipples, one at a time. I lightly run my tongue around one of her nipple before sucking it in my mouth. I play with the other in my fingers. I can feel her nipple getting bigger in my mouth. I change over to suck the other one.
I then remove her skirt and panties leaving her only with her stockings on. He tells us to both lie on the bed. He tells me to explore her pussy with my fingers. I am aching now and want her to touch me but he is not allowing that. I run my finger around the outside of her pussy. She is completely shaved like me. She moans and opens her legs further. I gently touch her clit and notice she is very wet. I start rubbing it while sucking one of her nipples. I'm not sure what to do but I'm just going to go with what I like. My Dom tells me to put a finger inside her. I move so I'm in between her legs and with one hand I out a finger inside her and play with her clit with the other hand. I put two and then three fingers inside her. She is moving her hips so encouraged that she is enjoying it I push my fingers in harder. I want my Dom to touch me while I'm touching this female but I know he won't. I can't resist and lean down to lick her pussy. I keep pushing my fingers inside her while I lick and tease her clit. I suck it into my mouth. I keep licking and sucking until she shudders to an orgasm. She tastes so good. My pussy is so wet. I ask my Dom if I can touch myself. He agrees. I get some of my juices and then suck my fingers clean. We then kiss and she gets to taste and my juices and hers together. We taste so good.
​I hope it's my turn now.
If you were my Dom what would you have us do. Send me a message and let me know.
spank_me_scouse46 (13) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
I have favourites....
I know most of my regular attendees to my cam-room fairly well now....but I must admit I do have favourites! I migh've only cammed with them once, twice before but sometimes you get the horn for the most illusive of guys.
When I decide I have a 'favourite' then that's it I know that eventually, one day I'm going to meet with them and fuck the brains out of them...They won't know it yet but when it happens it'll leave a stain in their wank-banks that will never wipe clean again! Lol
I'm a milf who is tenacious in always having it 'my own way" when I set my sights on someone I won't stop till I've had them for my own gains...
I'm only in it for myself, so watch out lads whoever you maybe cos "I'm coming to getcha..!!!'
Claudia4Gents (79) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
Good evening, I would like to say a big Thank You to a true Gentlemen I met who painted this amazing picture of me and travelled hours to give me in person. I cannot show my appreciation enough, a true gent who put an immense time and effort into a gift that is personal and unique. Thank you so much for the thoughtful and gorgeous gift. I really hope to see you again soon my dear xx
I will put this picture in my gallery very soon with me in the photo of course haha xx
Be Back soon hun xx
JuliaHorny (11) Escorts - Click to book
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
Movie Night
After a fantastic day, sitting down to watch an exciting movie in the evening with some popcorn and alcohol really tops it off! I love a good comedy, it makes me feel happy and cheery and if their is some cheesy romantic scenes to watch its definetly a hit film for me! I wanna be whisked away like some of these ladies by a hot celebrity hunk and have a passionate sex scene lol!

I think horror movies are plenty of fun too, its so thrilling not knowing when something scary is going to jump out at you, the suspense is crazy! For some reason too, when I feel a bit scared I get kinda horny lol, So I always like to have company when Im watching a scary movie! x x
Clare100 (0) Escorts - Click to book
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Wednesday, April 25th 2018 View Blog
lady 43
slim lovely charming sweet lady love to please open minded best in town...........................................................I'm easy to talk to to and the good listener. I enjoy people and never ever judge people. I'm a very small girl girl. size ten and I'm a 34a cup.im fun size 😉if you like that sort of thing. brown hair and blue eyes. love sex and you will be able to tell that when I'm with some one...................................I keep everything to.myself.you can be guaranteed description at all times. I love music it's my life................................................I'm very sociable and easy going ...I'm open to be on occasion if it seems genuine answer safe enough depending on the client ..

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